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map of Africa with country territories represented by national flags from whom the next AU chair will be elected

Kenyans On Twitter React To Amina’s Lost Bid For AU Chair

It had been an open secret that Kenyan’s weren’t too impressed by a spirited, well funded,  high profile campaign by Kenya’s foreign affairs cabinet secretary, Amina Mohammad, to chair the AU chair. In the midst of ravaging drought, public workers industrial arrest- notably public doctors

12 Years A Slave: A Kenyan Perspective.

  [dropcap]I [/dropcap]follow a peculiar method to watching movies. Admittedly, it has every sense of voyeurism, a rabid adventure about it. I tend to be indifferent to the blockbuster hype. This means that all the YouTube trailers, the television ad spots screaming “IN CINEMAS NOW!” or the latest box

A pirates tools of trade include a dagger, bandana, telescope and treasure map all which come in handy in unpacking Nairobi' Eastleigh's neighborhood as to sucessfully do that, one needs to follow the money and watch their back while at it.

Time Portrait of Nairobi’s Eastleigh: From Home of the Nouveau Riche, to Bustling Satellite Town Battling a Reputation of Crime

Contemporary conjecture on the piracy-industrial-complex implores that taking a drive through Nairobi’s Eastleigh would be of great benefit. We explore why [dropcap]E[/dropcap]astleigh is a neighborhood east of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. As it follows, like in most other cities in the world,  the east end

Mobile Money Transfer, An African Miracle

So powerful a tool it is that the UN Economic Commission of Africa elects mobile money transfer service as a means to tackle the endemic and to some proportions, pandemic plague of the 21st century: World poverty. The global group points out that technology, more