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human brain with one hemisphere consisting of a mother board cuircuit representing harmony between AI and humanity possible with the AI principles

Ethically Hacking The 21st century: How To Own The Future Driven By Artificial Intelligence By Understanding Guiding AI Principles Agreed On By Top Researchers In Asilomar, Carlifonia

The 21st Century heralds the 4th Industrial revolution. A revolution happening at exponential pace turbocharged by artificial intelligence [AI] . Recently, in cognizance of this seismic shift, the world’s top AI researchers met in Asilomar, California to deliberate on AI principles and goals. [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n doing

An artist's work of a woman's face embossed with a network of microchips depiction what an Artificial Inteliigence future might mean for personhood.

Why the latest artificial intelligence technology scares us : Google’s Sergey Brin’s take on AI future kinda explains but it’s movies about AI that got us here & how mind farts keep distorting the meaning of AI

Recently, I became less critical of my artificial intelligence know how when revered tech figure,Google co-founder Sergey Brin, admitted to AI sneaking up on him. At Davos 2017, Serge, confessed to have been wrong in taking artificial intelligence for a flash in the pan. “I

The Vanity of Facebook

Just by logging into your Facebook account, you get a whole load of tips on how to live. For free! That’s life in the 21st century — a totally new spin on the Swahili proverb: Asiyefunzwa la mamake hufunzwa na dunia. Indeed, have you ever

Mobile Money Transfer, An African Miracle

So powerful a tool it is that the UN Economic Commission of Africa elects mobile money transfer service as a means to tackle the endemic and to some proportions, pandemic plague of the 21st century: World poverty. The global group points out that technology, more