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Malema’s EFF Blasts ANC Derailment Of Land Expropriation

The Joseph Malema led Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) pushed on with it’s land redistribution plan. EFF unsuccessfully sponsored a motion in the ANC majority South African parliament for land expropriation without compensation. In the aftermath of a scathing defeat, EFF still went to the attack.

map of Africa with country territories represented by national flags from whom the next AU chair will be elected

Kenyans On Twitter React To Amina’s Lost Bid For AU Chair

It had been an open secret that Kenyan’s weren’t too impressed by a spirited, well funded,  high profile campaign by Kenya’s foreign affairs cabinet secretary, Amina Mohammad, to chair the AU chair. In the midst of ravaging drought, public workers industrial arrest- notably public doctors

Davos 2017 Theresa May Speech Reactions

British prime minister Theresa May’s speech talked about all the right things: big business, free markets, globalization, The European Union,  partnerships etc. A keen audience she had as the room at Davos2017 was packed for the day’s and probably the world economic forum, key event.

Kenya General Elections 2013: A Child’s Perspective

Kenya decides 2013. The most expensive election both for the state and aspirants, this Kenya General Elections 2013, it is said to be. The expense, we would like to think, stems from the efforts of the former seeking to avoid the mistakes of the past,