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Like this naked silouted woman lying on her back, legs crossed and breasts cupped, Nairobi has its tales and secrets on love and sex that are teasing to be told

Nairobi Up Close: Love, Sex & The City

From the time audiences met HBO’s Sex and the City, it became the automatic choice for pop culture references on explorations of sexuality in urban settings. While it is true that Nairobi might have been a few corners back on most of the brave discussions

A swahili proverb on hair: Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake

PHOTO: Maasai Moran My Hair Dresser

In this picture, Maasai Moran plaits a woman’s hair with African braids as his Moran medicine man friend looks on. To twist the braids, the Moran rolls the braids on his thigh, a technique that needs lots of practice to master. I remember the days

nairobi traffic jam right in the central business district, matatus typically at the heart of it all

Nairobi Traffic Jams : 10 Things

Beijing. Lagos. New York. Jakarta. Nairobi. When anthropologists do get to it, science might just confirm our worst fears: That those endless hours spent in traffic irredeemably shaped the human in the 21st Century. And adversely so. But who’s to blame? Granted, from way back,