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Poster: Weaves, Hair Extensions and wigs - seventeen do's and don'ts

Weaves, Hair Extensions and Wigs: 17 Do’s and Don’ts

The weave is back in vogue. In Hollywood that is, because down here this past decade, weaves and hair extensions ...
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perfume in a glass bottle. naviagating the world of perfume for women goes beyond how good it looks

Perfume for Women Scent Guide: How to chose the right perfume for her

A guide to navigating the world of perfume for women. [dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce one gets complemented for smelling good, the power of ...
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African woman with bold blue makeup proving that it's how you wear the makeup that give you confidence, not the inverse.

Good Makeup On The Cheap is a Right! Whatever You Fancy, These Simple, Timeless, Golden Tips Guide You on How To Apply Make Up And Not To End Up With Tragic Eyebrows

Everybody should at least once in their lifetime experience the peace of that uplifting spruced up feel of wearing well ...
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Of the many ways to wear natural hair, the afro as in this cartoon image remains the best known

Thinking Of Going All Natural Like Alicia Keys? Find Inspiration From These Natural Hair Gangsters

Way back in 2010 wearing natural hair was a 'niche' lifestyle. In 2017, natural hair is very much mainstream with ...
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Maasai moran plaits a woman's hair into African braids by rolling them to twist on his thigh braids as a fellow moran medicine man watches on

7 Amazing Hair Stories From The 21st Century & Beyond

Over the ages, hair has been of immense interest and significance. So much so that all sorts of lexis, most ...
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