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There is something about movie reels that a download can't bring. Then there are those movies which have this rare ability bring back this feeling of watching a movie from a reel. Borat is one of them.

Movie Review: Borat Learnings Make For a Just 21st Century

The 2006 satirical comedy Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Gloriuos Nation of Kazakhstan  is a film by Larry Charles, whose main character Borat, is played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Borat, a stranger in America, is forced to hitch-hike after a disagreement with the

movie reel film held up in the light revealing series of still pictures that when sped up become the motion pictures that we all love

86th Academy Awards Lessons For The 21st Century

The centerpiece event of the entertainment industry calendar year just went down. The champagne is still popping, Lupita Nyong’o still is trending- as she has been for the better part of the year and Twitter has recovered from that Ellen DeGeneres blow. From us, it

12 Years A Slave: A Kenyan Perspective.

  [dropcap]I [/dropcap]follow a peculiar method to watching movies. Admittedly, it has every sense of voyeurism, a rabid adventure about it. I tend to be indifferent to the blockbuster hype. This means that all the YouTube trailers, the television ad spots screaming “IN CINEMAS NOW!” or the latest box

machete movie poster

Machete, Danny Trejo’s First Lead Role, The Movie Review

Lindsay Lohan in her birth-suit, Lindsay in a nun robe, Lindsay drinks what she preaches. Danny Trejo at his best. Robert De Nero with another effortless trademark convincing performance. Illegal immigration and drugs trade. Mexico, the border and USA. Nudity, beauty, kicks and blasts; is