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MMI-MMC endeavors to publish factual information. Nonetheless, this section of our website seeks to offer our readers an avenue of contributing to ensuring that we meet the rigorous standards that we have set for ourselves. All submissions  – complaints, corrections or compliments – by readers will be weighed against public interest, as determined by MMI-MMC  internal processes and editorial policy.

Complaints & Corrections to MMI-MMC: An Overview

Typos, spelling mistakes and errors of that nature will be corrected without notice. Substantive errors / complaints/ corrections will be dealt with in three ways

  • Article updates – This is likely to occur during routine fact checks that we conduct on published content. Changes to expect: Mostly facts that have changed with time as more information is acquired or as science informs otherwise. How to know if facts have changed: We urge our readers to be mindful of article update dates on individual content. Kindly also be on the look out for additional content on published items that will fall under headers clearly marked – updates.
  • Rejoinders / Right of reply / Letters to the editor – We encourage independent, factual citizen journalism across our platforms. Accepted content will be published under the “Opinions” or “Letters to the Editor” categories. The process is bound by the explicit and implicit stipulations our Terms of use and privacy policy.  MMI-MMC emphasizes that this should not be taken to be an opportunity to lobbying or argue a point of view without justification. For guidelines on how to submit content for consideration of publication here, present your pitch and credentials using the contact form below and our editorial team will revert to you with appropriate feed back .
  • Errors/complaints/corrections that warrant one-liners as corrective action will be published her with links to the respective articles.


We try do a good job and love it when you appreciate our efforts. Do you have something pleasant to say? We’ve got you covered.

  • When an article speaks to you, let the author know by dropping a comment in the comments section.
  • If you like other stuff, like our depth of coverage, writing style or focus on a topical issue, let us know through the form below. We aren’t a shy organization. We will definitely put out your kind words in the testimonials section. All we ask of you is to remain authentic. Above all, like we’ve reiterated in our privacy policy your information is safe with us.

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