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Chinese Knowledge Economy – Beyond IP into Space Exploration, Blue Economy, Computing and Gene Editing

In the weeks to more news that further illuminated China’s emergence as a knowledge economy, the debate had myopically centered on the why, what and how, of another successful foray into space by the world’s second economy. Even as doubting Thomas fell over themselves, moves from the red dragon tell of a thriving enterprise that goes beyond space exploration. Welcome to the China of the 21st century where the Chinese knowledge economy is a behemoth beyond the knock off products that it is been known for, to now world leading inquisitions into sea exploration, computing and even gene editing.
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the iron-curtain of the 20th century fell, economic thinkers were in a scramble trying to define what it meant to be a knowledge economy or a knowledge-based economy. In the 21st century, the answers have been distilled, rather settled, as consensus builds. To be classified as either, there has to be an element of high skill, requisite infrastructure to support innovation. To be a knowledge based economy is to adopt a way of producing by exploiting existing knowledge whilst leveraging on normative knowledge. While phenomenon like the ethics of Artificial Intelligence continues to wrestle with Western and African ideals; how China navigates the intricacies of delicate relationship between science, technology and society should offer fresh perspectives on living in the 21st century. 21st century China is driven by the spirit of adventure that fired our ancestors. The pace of advancements in Chinese knowledge economy is determined to make old wonders part of everyday human domain and unearth new wonders to be part of the broth that brews the future. In the Tizanhe-2, Qialong-2 and manned space odyssey China ticks all the boxes as a leading knowledge based economy. We will chart the rise of Chinese knowledge economy through a series of articles loosely themed around: Space exploration, Blue Economy, Gene Editing, Information Technology & AI. By having it all here (on a singular page) we should at the very least offer a wholesome, global take. A front row seat of the Chinese Century. Keep it here for regular updates.

Chinese Knowledge Economy: Space Exploration

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Chinese Knowledge Economy: Forays into Blue Economy

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Chinese Knowledge Economy: IT, AI, Data Mining, Machine Learning

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