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poster ace job interview questions

Job Interview Questions: What To Expect

Today, I’ll do a quick one. This blog post provides an overview of the flow and nature of job interview questions in a classic job interview. It is a general guide of what-you-must be prepared to answer, rather than what-you-have to know. Many thanks to

Making best use of free resume template

You have your referee letters, academic transcripts and certificates ready. Possibly, passport photographs too. If you are a Kenyan job seeker, all the documents that ensure you comply with chapter six of the Kenyan Constitution 2010 are at hand. All that remains is writing that

Eva Chen Quote on internship headling an #askkharunda article on How to find internships in Kenya

Ask Kharunda: How to Find Internships in Kenya

Finding internships in Kenya is no mean feat. Jobs are hard to come by let alone internships. But there is hope! It is always good when the private sector sets the pace and even better when the government steps in to set the standards. I

Chef prepares noodles: Writting a great resume is an art akin to preparing hand made noodles.

Resume: Tying the loose ends for a professional CV

Hard to believe, but even for consummate professionals, resume writing remains a skill few have mastered.  While we all agree that a great professional CV is the first step towards a dream job, the task of ‘putting your best foot forward’ on a few sheets