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Know| Own | Be.Live the 21st Century

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. This is because we are a tribe proud of our roots.

What is MMI-MMC?

MMI-MMC is a for profit, information, educational, social activism and entertainment portal born to the world in Africa’s Savannah.

What makes MMI-MMC different?

We would like to see a 21st century where the African spirit of Sekaku permeates and: Happiness,joy and laughter is shared.

We exist because we believe that to LIVE isn’t about what you OWN, but what you KNOW so as to BE.

What’s in for you

Premier entertainment, science & lifestyle blogs serving crisp 360-degree analysis that helps you decipher 21st Century Tech, health,entrepreneurship, life & style.

And more…

Build our tribe and be part of our family of communities where it’s all about living in the 21st century. Help us discover we. Start off by connecting



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Our tribe's history

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Living 21

What we Like Entertainment.Science.Lifestyle What we are Like Confident. We know the 21st Century. We live in it. How we roll The spirit of Seca.Ku: “Happiness,Joy ,Laughter shared” Who We Roll With: 21st Century Morans. Masaai Morans, warriors, are courage. To lead among the brave,…

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The Team

Anne Kharunda
Mentorship & Careers Editor /Columnist
Mother, wife, mentor, farmer, epidemiologist whose life has been dedicated to combating HIV/Aids in Kenya. I recently embarked on a quest to increase access to healthcare by overcoming the financial barriers to health at the community level. Enjoys nature trails. Fascinated by extreme engineering. Liverpool fan too! Would like to wake up in a world where our youth's talents flourish and skills sharpened. “Don't Stop Searching Until You Find Creative & Gainful Unemployment” -Dean Cavanagh-
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Rita Paci
Fashion, Style & Beauty Editor/ Columnist
Outgoing. Outspoken. Outrageous. Sophisticated! Life guru. The only one with a sense of fashion, style & beauty here.
Usagi Ememwa
Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Father. Husband. Entrepreneur. Searching at the intersection of Bioethics & Healthcare Enterprise; Design & Strategy.
Lwandaz Tales
Your go to guy.

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