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poster ace job interview questions

Job Interview Questions: What To Expect

Today, I’ll do a quick one. This blog post provides an overview of the flow and nature of job interview questions in a classic job interview. It is a general guide of what-you-must be prepared to answer, rather than what-you-have to know. Many thanks to

Making best use of free resume template

You have your referee letters, academic transcripts and certificates ready. Possibly, passport photographs too. If you are a Kenyan job seeker, all the documents that ensure you comply with chapter six of the Kenyan Constitution 2010 are at hand. All that remains is writing that

Easter Story: Charles The Seminarian, My Good Samaritan

Easter is here once again and I feel all gooey inside. Easter remains my favorite Christian holiday as unlike Christmas, the symbolism of the occasion remains palpable, less blemished by commercialization. For my family, our nuclear setup, this Christian holiday is an intimate moment. We

Exclusive breastfeeding

Exclusive Breastfeeding: No Fancy Breast Milk Pump, Breastfeeding Pillows or Bras. The Story of Beating Odds By A Kenyan Career Woman

This is a story of encouragement. Of a Kenyan career woman, who chose  exclusive breastfeeding amidst pressure and expectations of strict work deadlines. Be warned ! If you are currently breastfeeding, my story may precipitate those now familiar uncomfortable contractions :The intolerable twitches that accompany