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Men’s fragrance That’s Right for Him in 3 Easy Steps

Men are from Venus and women from Mars. This old maxim shouldn’t hold in an age when Elon Musk reckons that with the Space X project, the species Homo sapiens will soon be a two planet species. All true until you have to shop the perfect men’s fragrance for him, the man in your life. The science of fragrance is an already confusing proposition. That men are traditionally less at home with the art of pulling off a presence confabulates the task of picking  juice that’s just right for him. Finding a perfume that kisses her just right is a question of awakening the possibilities. For him, it is a more delicate balance.

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1.Know the Man

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou’ve got to know the man. Or else, you’ll be the clueless one asking him to take off his jacket when the mans not hot. I mean, you don’t want him to be the guy smelling all fruity when his gig involves lots of contact with other dudes. Picture a construction worker smelling all sweet, the floral notes of his juice hard on the nostrils. Not cool.

If his everyday wear is men’s smart casual, mention that to the perfume connoisseur. If you are picking something for those special occasions, like a visit to your parents, you don’t want something that will have him fumigating the room the moment he walks in.

And if you shop at  joints without an in-house connoisseur – which you shouldn’t for it’s almost naught that you’ll find good men’s fragrance there – make yourself one. Rather, cheat your way into being a perfume expert by picking up glossy magazines and finding an advertisement that most closely speaks to your man’s style.

Ask yourself what he’d pick if he were the one shopping. In this age of targeted advertising, you can rest with reasonable certainty that you’ll hit the jackpot. The trick is to be honest and face all the quirks you know about his tastes, however much you hate his sense of style.

2. Ask the Guy

First, perfect a look. The look that says: 1. This is not an invitation. 2. Your welcome, our interaction, ends with you answering my question. Once you have that look in the bag, ask the guy – not your guy, but the guy at the meeting/stop/matatu smelling like heaven – what he is wearing.

You have to ask blatantly. No whispers; not even daintily tapping on his shoulder to catch his attention. Definitely no brushing of his upper arm. Keep your hands to yourself. Be the hawk, not the dove. Finally, you have to get the timing perfect for your exit: compliment and then swagger off.

The risk with asking the guy is not in having to deal with bumping off his attentions, but in avoiding getting your man a men’s fragrance that has him smelling like every Tom, Dick and Harry. Once at the cologne shop, the price on the bottle could help with sifting out indoor air freshener equivalents. Better still, ask the perfume connoisseur for alternatives strong on subtleties like: deeper notes, fresher vibes, less synthetic, softer, less intimidating or more mature depending on your knowledge of the man and the intended use.

3. Know Thy Brands of Men’s Fragrance

Which brands qualify as classic men’s fragrance? Over the years, which brands of cologne have been cheapened? Which ones are collector’s items? Does he have a ‘default’ scent? If he does, which brand packs the punch to tempt him to experiment, or better still compliment his everyday perfume?

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