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Weaves, Hair Extensions and Wigs: 17 Do’s and Don’ts

The weave is back in vogue. In Hollywood that is, because down here this past decade, weaves and hair extensions have been what braids were to the nineties. Natural hair did attempt a comeback over the last couple of years, but on the whole you can’t argue that weaves haven’t been the go to hair styling for the African woman. Here are seventeen do’s and don’ts that will protect your new growth and avoid the dreaded: hairline breakage as you transform your look.
Poster: Weaves, Hair Extensions and wigs - seventeen do's and don'ts

Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do care for your own hair first before spending so much on the weave. Treat your hair right by using the appropriate products that deep condition and moisturize. Give your hair the best treatment before you sew in a weave. This helps your hair stay healthy.
  2. Don’t compromise on the quality of hair. Cheap hair extensions are stiff,dry and with no movement; so why waste your money on that? Good quality weaves are pricey but gives you value for your money. The old adage that cheap is expensive applies here as you can reuse superior quality weaves many times as you want. As far as the transformation effect goes, good quality weaves do give a more natural look.
  3. One of the key considerations that belie any consideration for a new hairdo is the styling time needed. A hairdo that demands a lot in styling soon tires the wearer. Irrespective of how much you value time spent before your vanity mirror, avoid hair extensions that require a lot of or constant styling. Especially not if you are short on time.
  4. Keep away from for a glue-in weaves. Though cheaper and faster, what you end up doing is sacrificing your hair’s health in the long run. For some people, the danger to their health is more pronounced as they are allergic to the latex in the glue. It is more expensive as a glue-in weave can’t be reused.
  5. Don’t over product your weave – hair sprays and lotions and serums. When done tastefully, they restore the sheen of your weave. Too much and not only does it make your weave easier to get dirty, but it weighs it down and wears it off pretty fast.
  6. Consider the weight of your weave or extensions. Heavy extensions cause tension to your hair and make it prone to breakage especially around the edges.
  7. Jig it up by customizing the cut and color to give yourself a new look after wearing a straight look for a while.
  8. Do not use too much heat on the hair as it damages both the weave and your hair.
  9. Use a professional hair stylist to sew in your weave. Not only are they at home with the do’s and dont’s mentioned here, they should help with picking the right product both in quality and suitability to your style and physical features. They should also help with practical advice on caring for your weave.
  10. You must match the weave to your natural hair texture and color. BLEND. BLEND. BLEND. Consider your natural hair color and skin tone.
  11. Leave out enough hair to cover your train tracks. It is tacky making it obvious that you are wearing a weave.
  12. This tip is especially for your partner: Wash your hair often, drying it under a dryer. This stops the growth of molds and keeps your crown smelling delectable.
  13. Do not wear your hair extensions for longer than 2 months. For hygiene reasons and also to avoid your look becoming stale.
  14. Remember that point of using only professional hair stylist to sew in your weave? Well, that doesn’t mean that you leave everything to them. Do not let your stylist saw in your weave too tight. Your hair will break. Not forgetting the inevitable migraine.
  15. Do not braid the baby hairs around the edges for a full head weave for obvious reasons. Traction alopecia is real and hair transplant isn’t the cheapest cosmetic surgery.
  16. Tie a silk scarf when going to bed to avoid damaging the weave.
  17. Avoid getting into bar fights with hair extensions on. Not only do you hand your opponent leverage by giving them something to grab on, but also the likely embarrassment! You don’t want to end up bald in public right!?

Other Things To Consider when Thinking of Getting a Weave, Wig or Hair Extension

Though not so in vogue right now, wigs are a plausible solution. First, they come on and off allowing your own hair to breathe at night. Secondly, they are a ready solution for those bad hair days as you are likely not to need a hair stylist. Remember also to be mindful of your makeup style as you pick and style your weave. Fail to get it right and you could end up looking like a shaman.

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