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#TGIF No-no’s : 9 Women Bad Habits That Ruin The Party

No one is perfect. I get that. Looking at the woman in the mirror, truly I do. But there are some things! God help me. Some habits are annoying, out-rightly embarrassing, disgusting and outrageous. Imagine that: being outraged, annoyed, disgusted and embarrassed at the same time. These women bad habits are #TGIF no-no’s.
Poster: Image features woman and man facing each other. The intimacy belies the poster's words Oh! Don't do that, you'll ruin the fun! A parody that hints tat women bad habits that might ruin the party
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of these happenings by God’s wonderful creation, make me want to pull my crotch hair out. How dare you! From fashion to conversation. We leave not matters of personal hygiene. These nine habits, no grown woman better be caught up this alley. Trust us, we asked men. This is what we found out:

9 Women Bad Habits That Ruin #TGIF

  1. Ladies it’s not sexy to wear oversized shoes.
  2. Neither is it to be in the club with office wear or with unsightly colored underwear visible under your pants or those stretch dresses that you so love.
  3. Ladies, tights were not meant for everyone.
  4. Narrating to your date what your Ex used to do and how, is top among all the #TGIF no-no’s. It’s good to share. But it not in a way that indicates you are stuck in the past. Never in ways that hint at he “used to understand you and your needs. ” While at it, I know it is hard, but it is also good to clear the air on the leagues you have been playing in. Brothers need to know whether to wife it or just smack that. Trust me, it will save you a whole lot of trouble in the future.
  5. Remember, a romantic dinner is for two. You and your man. Not your man, you and your 4th year class or workmates.
  6. Weaves,  weaves, weaves, weaves.. OMG!!. I hate this. Not the weaves, but the childish thought that a weave makes a superwoman, an Angelina Jolie of you. While at it, kindly mind weave etiquette.
  7. Shots, leggings and any other wear that enhances the lower torso are not for everyone. If looking in the mirror, you wonder if you are looking cushinoid, accept it. Take off the leggings and the boy shorts. The mirror never lies.
  8. Take a bath. Especially if you are planning on getting eaten up down there. No ifs or buts.
  9. When broke, embrace your position in the hierarchy of humanity. No amount of male bashing on their brokenness will swell your bank accounts. Rich people know how rich people talk. The bashing will only expose you. It never will attract a rich benefactor. At best, you’ll end up stroking a con of the Yahaya mold. That one that Lady Jay Dee famously exposed. Karubandika! Yes, that one.

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