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[Photo] This Most Luxurious House In Kenya Belongs To A Musician

Madam boss, step aside! Akothee, even you would love this one. We love the internet as it has this joyful habit of dropping the unexpected on our laps ever so often. Much to my chagrin, leading UK publication, The Independent, described this magnificent beauty in the most modest terms as – inspiring! I get it, their standards might be off the park. But still, describing what surely must be a contender for the most luxurious house in Kenya as ‘inspiring’ is such a travesty.

poster: contender most luxurious house in Kenya with an image of a house built within a rocky cliff

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am convinced now more than ever, that Kenya is ripe for its own version of celebrity cribs. What Kenya offers, as detailed by this post on top 25 Kenya’s most luxurious houses, alongside what I realize now to be hitherto less known luxurious living spaces as manifest by this house, should make for more interesting TV. We’ve had enough of those Naija movies or Latin America soaps that hog our screens.

What’s more? This living space deserves to be among top 10 celebrity houses in Kenya, more than any on this list. Really, if you were to ignore the gravitas of the names claimed to own the houses on that list, this has to be somewhere top of the pile as the most luxurious house in Kenya.

A Candidate For The Most Luxurious House in Kenya, But What Could It Have Been Better?

If the architects had been Kenyan. Thankfully, the owner of the house persisted with sourcing most of the building materials locally. Kenyan or not, we love the streak of patriotism exhibited here by the owner: Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya.

If the author of the article this most luxurious house in Kenya had made it known to us is the owner musician was Kenyan. Lots of aspiring Kenyan musicians battle with doubts if their efforts can put food on the table. Kenya is the wild west when it comes to grinding out a hustle. Maybe this is the reason why The Independent labeled this house inspiring. As creative or entrepreneurial effort in Kenya can be unforgiving for those who dare to do.

It would be nice for them to have a role model. For us the consumers of their art, it would have been extra nice to get to know of productions that bake in the in house recording studio that’s part of the niceties packed on this house built on a rock. Talking of niceties, lets not even get started on the views. For more photos on the architectural genius on display, delectable play with water that’s at the heart of our protest that this must be contender for most luxurious house in Kenya, check out this article on The Independent.

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