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3 Tips On How To Make Money From Your Hobby

Hobbies are, in the simplest terms, what we do with our free time. What we do to get away from the stress of work. If you like, hobbies are those activities that refuel our batteries when running low. That said, ludicrous it must be when I suggest that hobbies could actually shore up ones personal finances. From our definition and by practice, hobbies tend to drain our hard earned money. The obvious goal when engaging in a hobby is to have fun not crunch numbers seeking profits. Here are three stress-free ways  to make money form your hobby.

Poster: How to make money from your hobby: 3 tips for all hobbyists

[dropcap]I [/dropcap] tend to flow with the thinking that if you enjoy what you do for a living, then you never will have to work any single day of your life. Expounding on this assertion further, enjoyment of what one does for a living is the never dry spring from which springs entrepreneurial passion.

Ask any entrepreneur the one thing they consider key to entrepreneurial success. Without doubt, passion for the chosen entrepreneurial venture will invariably feature.

How To Make Money From Your Hobby: Finding Courage, My Story

I am hard pressed to find how one can be passionate about something without enjoying the said thing. It is with this thinking that I embarked transforming a hobby it into a money making venture.

Before I started blogging, my writing was limited to poems dedicated to loved ones. Possibly also those who I chanced could become precious ones. I must admit it was a bit of a decision to put my writing out there. Then hoping it could attract some money and hopefully boost my personal finances.

My doubts were the usual: Is my writing good enough for anyone to be willing to part some of their hard earned money for? Wouldn’t I turn this personal refuge into another task reminiscent of work by such a move? Questions that without doubt are running through your mind when you first read the title of this article.

Nonetheless, I took the chance and tell you what, nothing beats making money whilst having fun. Making money from your hobby is sinfully good. Here some tips that I have picked along the way that should help in your quest to make money form your hobby. Literally any hobby can be a source of additional income if not your main source of income.

1. How To Make Money From Your Hobby: Start of slowly but dream big

No pressure. Whatever your hobby is keep it that way: a hobby. This means that you do it in your free time and enjoy yourself while at it. By dreaming big I mean that you paint mental pictures of what it might be like if you got to the Nirvana of entrepreneurship: fun and making money.

For instance, I still dream of repute as a writer. You can dream of having one of the finest stamp collections around; winning the amateur tennis championship at your health and fitness club; getting a round with the pros as an amateur golfer or even blog about your travels. Whichever your hobby is, the canvas is huge and the brush is in your hands.

2. Don’t Mind the Money

You will be discouraged if expect instant returns. Worse, if attempt quantifying time spent as you traverse the learning curve. For most, to make money form your hobby requires patience. It is wiser it focus on the activity and getting the most fun you can out of it. Slowly the quarters start to trickle in and before long you realize just how beautiful a quarter is as the health of your personal finances starts to improve.

3. Mingle, Mingle, and Share

Join clubs of people with similar interests, share and participate. In this interaction of like minded people, ideas spring up and blossom. To make money from your hobby, you need to get out there. You get to learn from others and gets tips on how your hobby can start to bring in the money. If there are none within reach in your locality. The 21st century is the age of the hobbyist. Thanks to information technology, your locality could be New York while you reside in Moscow, Lagos or Nairobi.

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