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Perfume for Women Scent Guide: How to chose the right perfume for her

A guide to navigating the world of perfume for women.

perfume in a glass bottle. naviagating the world of perfume for women goes beyond how good it

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce one gets complemented for smelling good, the power of the compliment never leaves. It sets one up for an almost insatiable, irresistible need for even more scents. Yet, solid suggestions on what new fragrance to wear are as confusing as that trip to the beauty shop. Nowhere else does excitement transition to confusion and end up in dour settling for the known.

The beauty shop attendant sets us up to believe that a whiff on the coffee beans helps rewire our senses . That it makes it easier to distinguish one scent form the next. You and I know that it helps scanty.  While we might wish for a Shazam for perfumes, even if it existed, it wouldn’t help much in the discovery of new scents.

Quick Guide to Navigating the World of  Perfume for Women – Finding What’s Just Right for Her

There are hard things like shopping for sexy lingerie for your woman. Then there are harder things like finding the right scent for her. Get it right and no doubt about it, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your endeavor. But navigating the types of perfume for women is no mean task given the host of brands to choose from.

Playing safe – picking the latest new fragrance that’s in vogue —  could be a double-edged sword. Being trendy is a strong attraction for any woman, but it sure doesn’t beat the sophistication of being unique. Often, whilst shopping for her, the help we need is for someone to fetch through the clutter of perfume for women. Then fish out a fragrance that matches a mood, occasion and compliment her along the way.

a guide to perfume for women

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Five Tricks To Finding The Right Pick of Perfume for Women for your Woman

  • Shop not after reading a glossy magazine. The likely outcome will be falling for the old advertiser’s trick of familiarity aka brand awareness.
  • Be proactive: Describe in detail what you need in a scent to the beauty shop attendant then ask them for recommendations. Then ignore their recommendations. Push and push some more until they abandon any plans of pushing sales if they had any.
  • Match the season by shopping for different scents ‘in season’.  The rule is simple – different scents for different seasons. Some scents can be overbearing in some conditions. Ambient temperature impacts on the way a perfume is perceived. Hot weather may intensify fragrance notes. Cold weather makes it more difficult for perfumes to evaporate giving a more lasting effect.
  • Cost outlay is not necessarily a measure of how well she will like it. On that note – knock offs are a no no.
  • Find solace in the classics only as much as you know the alleys of classic perfume for women. You don’t want her to be reminding you of mum. Or do you?

Finally, a good scent is meant to be a ribbon that wraps something else that you’ve gotten for her. As our post on Science of fragrance: Why some perfumes are so irresistible taught us, any scent, however good is soon forgotten/ got used to.

Somehow, good or bad the scent, we adapt. A mechanism gets switched on and we are good. Neurobiology places this mechanism in the limbic system.

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