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Tianhe- 2 Supercomputer Emblematic of Chinese Knowledge Economy

Tianhe- 2, is built entirely on intel processors but with Chinese design and operating system. Observers paint the Tianhe – 2 as a shift that is indicative of the inevitable future. a future buttressed by leaps in the Chinese Knowledge economy.


Monday 17th July 2013: A future symbolized by the National University of Defense Technology built machine dethroning US Department of Energy’s Titan supercomputer. The Chinese machine overshadowing the later, registering 33.86 petaflops. In human speak, that means it can do just above 38 trillion calculations per second.

Fortune Magazine’s Jonathan Vanian in November of 2015 reports on Tianhe- 2

This makes for the sixth straight time China’s supercomputer has topped the biannual list from the Top500 organization. The list also shows that China now has 109 of the world’s 500 most powerful supercomputers, or almost three times more than in the last report six months ago. Meanwhile, the Unites States has 200 supercomputers on the list, which the authors said is the “lowest number of systems installed in the U.S. since the list was started in 1993.” The authors didn’t address why this may be. But it could be related to the rise of cloud computing, in which organizations can buy computing resources on demand from companies like Amazon and Microsoft Companies and researchers no longer need to own a computer to be able to crunch large amounts of data.

Tianhe- 2 Video

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