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Qianlong-2 :Depth of Chinese knowledge Economy Evident in unmanned submersible

We continue to map developments in Chinese knowledge economy. Having covered the world’s fastest supercomputer, Tianhe-2, the 15 day long unmanned Space Odessey, Shenzhou 10, we take a dive with autonomous submersible vehicle Qianlong-2.

The yellow and orange, whale shaped, Qianlong-2

Image | CGTN

But first, a report on Qianlong-2 that we carried in 2013, when the speed of innovations from China’s knowledge labs had picked a fervent pace :

Tuesday July, 18, 2013 Qianlong’s Madien Dive

As the world still marvels at the speed of developments in Chinese knowledge economy in the 21st century — evidenced by the bestowing of the record of the world’s fastest computer to Milky Way-2  aka Tianhe-2; Qialong, the autonomous submersible vehicle after years of tests is now certified human compliant. The Chinese built SAV will now host the first Chinese in its next deep sea dive set to be completed next Monday.

Qialong is a significant step. There has been misguided belittling of Shenzhou 10 exploits by some observers. These naysayers have  latched on the new age trend where nations are giving way to private entities in the space race as indicative of lesser strategic importance of space missions.

Moreover, famous individuals (Richard Branson comes to mind) reckon that the real deal in the 21st century will be about conquering the blue seas. According to these sea exploration enthusiasts, the survival of man will depend on what lies beneath rather than above the earth.

March, 6, 2018 Qianlong-2 ‘Moves Out’

This CGTN tweet carried news of new capabilities that open paths towards domination of the blue economy by China.

Diving with Qianlong-2 is like Riding a Horse

A report on The State Council The People’s Republic Of China website describes a ride on Qianlong-2 as quite the experience:

It feels like you are holding a gun and targeting a bullseye when riding a horse. but the target keeps moving up and downWang Xiaofei - Chinese Academy of Science


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