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Resume: Tying the loose ends for a professional CV

Hard to believe, but even for consummate professionals, resume writing remains a skill few have mastered.  While we all agree that a great professional CV is the first step towards a dream job, the task of ‘putting your best foot forward’ on a few sheets of paper is understandably tasking.

Chef prepares noodles: Writting a great resume is an art akin to preparing hand made noodles.

Hand made noodles are chef specific. The outcome depends on the training and experience of the chef. Not forgetting the need to imprint themselves with every manipulation of the dough. A great resume is no less different in its need for a personal touch.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or great resume writing, many opt for professional resume writing services, or the penny saving route of free resume templates. But a job clinching CV is beyond punctuation, layouts and formatting. A great resume goes before and fights for you. It stands in your stead and argues your case. Here is how to ensure your resume does exactly that.

A great resume leaves no doubts

Do not leave unexplained areas/ periods in your resume.  My experience from conducting tens of interviews for nursing jobs positions, successful candidates were those who took the approach akin to a visa application. Meaning that every period of their career progression is explained.

If somewhere along your career path you took a sabbatical, revealing that you took a break is better than an unexplained blank space. If for instance, there is a period where you were in- between jobs as a result of systemic inefficiencies — like the watershed period between completion of nursing school and  posting to internship — capture and tactfully document that in your professional resume.

In God we trust, all others have to bring evidence

Have your accompanying official documents. I am hoping by this time you have your academic credentials verified and certified. If you are fresh out of school, a certified completion letter from your alumni school of will just be fine. This letter must have your full details, the course you studied and when you completed. It should be written on the university letter head signed and stamped. Keep in mind that, in some cases, degree certificates and transcripts can take up to six months to be ready. That doesn’t mean that you should sit on your laurels! Get out and hustle with what you’ve got!

Back it up like a pro

Look the part before you be the part.  My advice on what to do when you meet your potential employer is to prepare, prepare and prepare. Get in the zone. Acquire the state of mind necessary to expertly carry out the mandate of the vacancy you seek to fill.

Use your imagination to conjure likely daily scenarios in that job you desire. Get a spurring partner to test you out. My husband comes in handy for me as we alternately role play as interviewer and interviewee out.

More importantly, show and appreciate when courtesy is extended. Greet people. Give them a genuine smile. Be friendly with security officers and secretaries. If you are required to leave your ID at the reception and wear a visitors name badge, comply. After all, when you land the job, they all could be potential colleges.

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