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Lucas Di Grassi it is ! FIA Formula E Champion: Pictures & Videos

In the end, the chaos of the Sebastien Buemi show at the 2017 Montreal ePrix couldn’t match the steady, cold finish of Lucas Di Grassi. The rain started to beat Buemi in round 9 and 10 when a no-show in the New York City ePrix allowed Di Grassi to get marginal gains on the defending champion.

Lucas Di Grassi 2017 FIA Formula E Champion pops chmapgne to clelebrate

2016/2017 FIA Formula E Championship. Round 12 – Montreal ePrix, Canada Sunday 30 July 2017. Lucas Di Grassi (BRA), ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport, Spark-Abt Sportsline, ABT Schaeffler FE02, sprays the champagne on the podium. Photo: Patrik Lundin/LAT/Formula E ref: Digital Image PL1_3786 copy

To be honest, a return of 22 points over two races is lukewarm. But what it did, was to ensure that the first man to ever win a Formula E ePrix , Lucas Di Grassi had a shout at the 2016/2017 , Season 3, FIA Formula E Championship.

We are the champions!

Formula E serves up yet another lesson for science, technology and society

If there is one thing for kids to learn form this exciting finale of season 3 of electric street racing is this: In a world where pop culture prevails, steady and sure is still a strategy that can deliver victory. Coming form a world where speed is king, we couldn’t emphasis more. Besides, as by Lucas Di Grassi and team  handling of the last two electric street races, long termism isn’t such a bad idea after all.

This is a world view that the scientific fraternity can adopt as one of the host of tools in their arsenal. As an additional strategy whilst engaging societal representatives in negotiation for  a new social contract that will be responsive to the needs of the  21st century.

Moreover, while the man of the moment, the weekend actually, is Lucas Di Grassi, the design employed in distributing rewards in Formula E ensures there are other winners too. The Championship winner holds no monopoly over sucess. Following in the foot steps of Formula 1 (most sports actually) Formula E, at least for the moment, isn’t a zero sum game.

In football for instance, individual titles remain less celebrated compared to team titles. In Formula E, this is evidenced by the more egalitarian reward system: From #eRace to #Fanboost, the championship and the team prizes.  As we shall see later, other actors aside from Lucas Di Grassi, 2017 FIA Formula E World Champion had a lot to celebrate too!

On the day that Lucas Di Grassi won the FIA Formula E championship' Nicolas Prost (FRA) , Renault e.Dams, was the fatstest and he got a trophy for that too

2016/2017 FIA Formula E Championship. Round 12 – Montreal ePrix, Canada Sunday 30 July 2017. Alejandr Agag presents the Visa Fastest Lap trophy to Nicolas Prost (FRA), Renault e.Dams, Spark-Renault, Renault Z.E 16. Photo: Malcolm Griffiths/LAT/Formula E ref: Digital Image MALC7751

TECHEETAH  Won on the day

On the day that Lucas Di Grassi became world champion, Jean – Eric Vergne (FRA), TECHEETAH,  pronounced (Ta-Chi-Ta), won round 12 of the 2016/2017 FIA Formula E championships.

Lucas Di Grassi couldn't match Jean- Eric Vergne of TECHEETAH seen celebratin here

2016/2017 FIA Formula E Championship. Round 12 – Montreal ePrix, Canada Sunday 30 July 2017. Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA), Techeetah, Spark-Renault, Renault Z.E 16, celebrates on the podium. Photo: Andrew Ferraro/LAT/Formula E ref: Digital Image _FER6466


RENAULT e.dams ( Not Lucas Di Grassi Team) Celebrate their third consecutive Formula E team championship

Seb Demonstrates Sportsmanship

For a man with such a competitive streak, it would be in order to expect him to be a self centered prick. Especially after treating us to some reality show- esque drama at the end of Round 11. While he’s responsible for the gravitas that turned luck on him, his team handicapped him when the rebuilt car was 4kgs underweight leading to his disqualification in Round 11 of the 2017 Montreal ePrix.

For all the work he had put in to rope in Lucas Di Grassi, charging through the field from 12th to 4th was adjudged unfair. The race stewards found the difference of 4 kg too great to ignore even in the special circumstances that saw Renault e.dams rebuild Seb’s car in just five hours after the huge crash in practice two.



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