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Obamas in pictures: Started From the bottom now we here!

I know they aren’t -because they are too classy for that- but it seems like the Obamas are mocking Donald Trump. This is one of those situations where on meeting an ex, the lump in your throat refuses to go down. Try as you may. Including reminding yourself that you are the one that called off the relationship. But still, your stupidity continues to choke you. And there you are, regretting where your want of  “bad b*thches” got you.

The Obamas in early retirement : A lesson to African leaders on life after office and  to young leaders the value of ‘ putting in the work’ and believing in their dreams

The African in me wondered what the first Kenyan- American would fill his time with what to many of us was essentially an early retirement. As you may know, term limits aren’t exactly African. For good reason too. In our African communitarain ethics, age begets  wisdom and therefore leadership. The bad behavior of our African leaders notwithstanding.

The Obamas in retirement: Obama and Trudeau at the Chili Liverpool House Restuarant in Montreal, Canada

Obama and Trudeau: Obama meets the Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau after the former President gave a talk in Montreal on climate change. Context is important here. As promised during his campaign for President, Donald Trump had just withdrawn America from the Paris Agreement. A move that observers termed as costly to American leadership of the free world.  Courtesy: The Obama Foundation/ Twitter

Though Obama’s hair had turned grey by the time he left office, compare with the pictures shared by the official twitter handle of The Obama Foundation, by our standards, Obama is still a young a man. If he were African, trust me, he would be serving a third term. Looking at early days of Trumpisim, this African solution – constitutional amendment to suit an individual – might actually be the lesser evil here.




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