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Men’s casual fashion: Be dapper with this timeless classic look

Pulling the executive look, suit and tie, is something most men can handle. Provided that they had the needed help when they were buying the suit. So that it fits. Once the suit up is done, even the most fashion clueless man will get it right 80% of the time in official wear. But it’s only men with a sense of style who are effortlessly dapper in men’s casual fashion. 

To achieve the classic, timeless look in men's casual fashion, a man has got to get his shoe and shirt game right

Your choice of shoes and shirt define the final look. Picking more casual options kills the seriousness. This is the first rule of getting men’s casual fashion right. Image |Courtesy.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t get me wrong. The easiest way for a man to look impeccable is to don a well-fitting suit. But there are times when a man in a suit comes across as too overbearing. For a girl like me, I like a man who knows his casual fashion too. Better if they are comfortable with the entire spectrum: from men’s business casual to my all time favorite – the classic, timeless. men’s casual style. Get your game on in this and am down any time!

Men’s casual fashion: My knight in shinning Armour

When I first met my husband, I immediately knew that he wouldn’t need to ask a second time. Mr. Man checked all the boxes in my little list. Especially what I considered dapper. I am the easygoing type who enjoys a man who knows how to pull that teasing yet perfunctory look when dressed casual style.

It was a tiny intimate-ish room and I sat on one side of a boardroom sitting arrangement. Somewhat at an angle, but within his field of view. He was busy on his laptop. Not sure what he could have been working on. I guess the way he gave his work undivided attention earned him another plus. Serious but playful (thanks to the casual look that he was rocking) all rolled into one meat of a man.


In many ways this sweet and sour, I work hard and play harder, country club look is the ever giving gift of casual wear to the gentleman who knows how to pull it off.  Like the delicately executed men’s casual style, that he rocked that Wednesday morning 5 years ago. There I was. Not only judging a book by the cover, but also getting smitten.

He got the classic, timeless men’s casual look with a dark chocolate-brown corduroy jacket. Sky blue textured cotton shirt, navy blue straight jeans, black Italian style shoes, an understated silver metallic watch and a simple black  belt. Everything was in its place. He came out as well put together. Confident. Smart. Mature.

Cardinal Rules of Men’s Casual Fashion

He was the classic definition of suave lub-dub. Though his choice of attire had a hint of men’s  business casual, he did right by the basics of men’s casual outfits. We will be revealing the secrets of getting this classic, timeless look right.

men's casual fashion involves a wide spectrum of outfits from t-shirts to men's business casual

Once you get the basics of classic timeless men’s casual fashion right, you can slide up and down the spectrum of men’s casual styles via simple substitutions of items in your casual outfits collection. For example, you could opt for a t-shirt over a formal shirt for a more sporty look. Image | Courtesy.

What we propose is at the heart of men’s casual fashion. The philosophy that guides our submissions is : Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Think of  this look as the base upon you build on to more nuanced looks. For example, if you want a more sporty look, you can go for a polo shirt with a pop of color over the men’s casual shirt. A t-shirt can be a great option for a relaxed afternoon with the Mrs at the movies.

Shopping online for men’s casual outfits

Shopping for anything online can be disaster. Especially when the buyer isn’t well versed with the specifications of what they are they intend to buy. No doubt, nothing can substitute having a look and feel of a product. However, the convenience, variety and discount deals of shopping online is unmatched.

When shopping online for men’s casual outfits, how do you reconcile these two worlds? Well, I find it necessary to get your first of the bunch of casual outfits from a physical store before diving into the deep end of getting men’s casual clothing online.

This way you not only get versed with different fabrics such as cashmere, wool or cotton; you most importantly get to know the size and style that fits perfectly. With the basics sorted, its time to expand the menu of options. The way I do this whilst shopping for gifts for my husband, is to spend tons of time online window shopping. To cut to the chase, I hit the big boys first, the likes of  Old navy and The Idle Man. This helps me get a feel of current trends in men’s casual fashion.

1 Men’s casual fashion jackets

Always ensure that the cuff of your jacket sits no less than the base of your palm. But no higher than your wrist bone. Those jackets sitting shorter than the wrist bone make one look like a a teenager outgrowing his outfits.

Men's casual fashion is about getting the fittings right rather than materials and colors

Now that’s a perfectly fitting men’s casual blazer. Everything else in this outfit is suave, but a blazer is like the crown on a beer. The better the crown sits up top, the richer the beer tastes. A perfect crown isn’t too thick nor too thin. Just like what’s exposed of the shirt by a well-fitting blazer, it is  just the right fit for the column of beer goodness below it. Image | Courtesy.

When wearing a jacket, make sure your jacket fully covers your seat when you sit. Jacket should be just long enough to cover your pants zipper and butt. A full length jacket with a nip at the waist is flattering to all frames. Small jackets can make one look like they are just about to jump. They make you look jumpy. You don’t want to walk around looking like a frightened animal.

The cardinal rule of men’s casual jackets lies in how the shoulder pads hang. They should end right at the shoulder. Get this right and it matters less the fabric of the jacket. Your simple corduroy will look as good as any other 100% cashmere men’s blazer.

2. Men’s casual fashion trousers

The hem of your trousers should kiss the top of your shoe without a break. Men who insist on wearing tight trousers end up looking like clowns or overgrown teenagers.

Yves Saint- laurent Quote on Blue Jeans, the central piece in men's casual fashion: "I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular,the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - All I hope for in my clothes
Your trouser should fit just right and be long enough to meet your shoe. Dark straight leg jeans look good on every guy.

3.Men’s casual fashion shirts

Official shirts worn with jackets on jeans/Khaki bring out the perfect men’s business casual look. Make sure your shirt sleeve peeks no more than a centimeter from beneath the cuff of your jacket.

Too much shirt peeping under the jacket brings out the jacket as being short. No turning up shirts on top of jackets for men. When buying men’s casual shirts, do not mix prints. Keep them subtle if you must.

 4. Men’s casual fashion shoes, socks and belt

Ensure to use a formal leather belt. Match the material with your shoes. As far as colors go, black and camel/ chocolate/ dark brown are ideal male colors.

Men's casual shoes: Likely to be the most expensive item impeding your journet to suave men's casual fashion

They say shoes maketh a man. If you were to blow the budget on one item in your collection of men’s casual outfits, please let it be the shoes. Barker shoes can go for as much as 450 dollars

Go for a thin belt with a silver, gold or bronze belt buckle.  Again, keep it simple. Your socks must cover your ankles when you sit down because your pants will ride up no matter what and hide your ashen legs.

The pair should sit halfway up your shin when standing. And the shiny shoes with lots of detail are a no-no for worthy men. Leave them for the wannabes. I am talking about the sharp-pointed Chinese imitations of Italian style men shoes.The mwalimu Jini type! Remember, this style guide is about, dress like a grown up.

5. Men’s casual fashion accessories

A classic watch and wedding band are enough. If you have to, a solitary ornamental ring will do. However as a general rule, men’s casual outfits look good with minimal accessories.

Men's casual fashion is a delicate play with men's accesories.

Not only accessorizes tie up a look, like the three-pointed star of a Mercedes, accessories define the style of men’s casual that you’ve chosen to go for

Do not over accessorize. Less is more. But you must acknowledge that accessories do determine the eventual taste of your look. Think day cravat or bow-tie? Fedora or Buffalo hat? Digital timepiece or a hand-crafted chronometer? Jacket breast pocket-handkerchief, cuff links, silver/gold/titanium wrist bracelet or neck chain?

Whatever your choice, as a rule, to get the classic timeless men’s casual look right, think of accessories as the Mercedes three-pointed star or Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy. One is enough, size matters and so does the shine.

6. Getting the colors right

This is one parameter that complicates  shopping for men’s casual clothing online. First, most men feel challenged by colors. Worse it is when some online marketers go for descriptions rather than visuals when describing men’s outfits.

Secondly, touched up pictures of men’s outfits on some online shopping portals can also distort the true hues of a garment leading to more confusion. Nonetheless, while shopping, go for a classic cut and neutral colors. The blacks, charcoal greys or dark blues.

Avoid those fire engine red pants mostly because they are most likely a fashion fad that will not only cost you money for a few months of shine, but also kill the classic timeless look we are after. A light-colored shirt or casual  jacket can be used to tastefully lift and accentuate a darker base when donning a casual men’s outfit.

7. Men’s casual fashion: Tie up the suave look by getting the grooming right

For this one, I’ll take you back to the story at the beginning that inspired this post on men’s casual fashion. At tea break, as I was catching up with a colleague, my crush, he of classic gentleman look, joined our table.

Good grooming is an essential part of men's casual fashion

A good barber does not only cut your hair, but prepares you to conquer the world. Transforms you into the gentleman who’ll sweep the lady off her feet on a night out or the well-cut business executive ready to make deals, or the lively down for whatever soul ready to move & shake. Image | Courtesy.

For a moment I thought maybe I had ogled so hard. But I liked the thought that maybe it’s because he too had noticed me and wanted to get closer. How wrong I was! He come to catch up with my colleague, his classmate in university. Whatever the reason though, I wasn’t complaining as with him so close, In fact, I wished he could linger on.

Stupidly, I almost hugged him when he extended his hand for a handshake as we were introduced to each other. Ladies, the man smelled that good! After these run of the mill introductions by my colleague, they wandered off chatting. With them distracted, I took the opportunity to ogle at close range.

He had his beard trimmed to a size, somewhere way beyond a stubble. Where he didn’t desire a beard, it was clean-shaven making perfect lines. In fact, thinking of it now, he must have been a trendsetter of the well-tended full beard look that’s so in vogue now. His hair was also short and smart, his skin supple.

Here was a man who enjoyed being in his skin. When the time came for the after tea session, my colleague invited him to sit with us since we had an empty chair next to us. The rest as they say is history.

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