Finding Degree Nursing jobs in Kenya: 3 Tips from tens of interviews & hundreds of interviewees

Anne Kharunda

Mother, wife, mentor, farmer, epidemiologist whose pride remains her efforts, with others, in combating HIV/Aids in Kenya. She recently embarked on a quest to increase access to healthcare by overcoming the financial barriers to health at the community level. Enjoys nature trails. Fascinated by extreme engineering. Liverpool fan too! Would like to wake up in a world where our youth's talents flourish and skills sharpened. “Don't Stop Searching Until You Find Creative & Gainful Unemployment” -Dean Cavanagh-

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3 Responses

  1. Collins Omondi says:

    Now after nurturing the big brain taking bsn nursing in Kenya with a major purpose of improving health , time has come to stop not only focusing on the books but also to defend their position and work without harm . This is to better citizens life and also to improve their lifestyle

    Bsn nurses now you understand nursing is a calling and is the central part in medicine.

    Without nurses no health facility can run. He! Can doctors make beds. Do they concerns of patients cleanliness. Do they even dispense drugs. Can they be there to offer full service to the patients. Turning them every time no.

    Life is how you plan and play your cards within the time limit.
    Let’s apply for the job opportunities around even before we complete our degree. Learning with practice help one get More experience.

  2. Anne Kharunda says:

    Thank you for your observation Collins. The country is looking at degree nurses to provide direction to the profession.

  3. Lillian says:

    This is awesome Ann, thanks for the great piece

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