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Buying women’s underwear, lingerie or girl panties? All you need to know

Not many women confess to this, but this activity-that admittedly many may consider mundane- is one of the most liberating, self-confidence boosting things that one gets to do as grown woman. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for it…….Drum-Roll…….. It’s being in total control of your pick out of the many styles and types of women’s underwear, lingerie and girl’s panties.

What I mean is that whatever your choice- going commando or if you prefer to have your candy wrapped up- you’ve got to end up with the best as informed by your mood, needs and of course budget.

As a rule of thumb, when choosing women’s underwear, one needs to completely surrender to their heart. Woman, this is the time to be completely selfish! Most importantly though, you’ve got to be completely free at any time, any given day, to pick any underwear style or type, simply because you have a choice of your tastes and preferences at hand.

As any woman knows, there’s nothing that can match the vibe killing powers of poorly fitting underwear. Not even nicely done makeup can undo the damage to your day when your underwear insists on riding in between your assets.

Or when unsightly panty lines ruin your outfit.

Don’t even get me started on the embarrassment of realizing late in the day that your choice of panty failed to smooth-en out your stretch marks. As a result of this indiscretion, you’ve got your tiger stripes and butt dimples out for the world to see. Worse, my greatest fear, every woman’s fear, is when your new expensive sexy lingerie fails to accentuate your sensuality. What that piece of silk and lace makes you feel like a sausage or knotted up like a dog shaped balloon.

The feeling of poorly chosen women's underwear, lingerie and girl's panties can be as comfortable as it is to be a dog shaped baloon

Ill fitting women’s underwear, lingerie and girl’s panties can leave you feeling just about as sexy as this dog shaped balloon

My dress my choice: I am a woman because I’ve got options

I must have been 12 of thereabouts when I got the chance to buy girls’ panties for myself for the first time. As all my friends confess, part of being brought up by African parents is the eager wait for this ritual. A ritual that falls just about your menses and is usually accompanied by giggly uncomfortable sex talk with your aunt, sis, cousin, grandma or mum.

Like I had mentioned earlier, it is easy to relegate such issues and label them routine. But when you sit reconsider them, its nothing short of exhilarating! I am talking about that  moment when one gets a chance to buy their own underwear.

Nothing screams: ” You are a woman now! ” as that moment. My boy friend used to smoke (he quit!). I remember he used to refer to one moment as the nadir that turned his casual smoking into a habit. He swears that the moment he stepped into a shop and got his own cigarettes to be the day his fate was sealed.

Unlike before when he would borrow smokes from strangers, he now had the power to: choose what fancied him, to plan around having ‘stock’ for indulgence whenever he felt like and that the act of buying signaled the overcoming of the fears of youth. In a nutshell, by buying the whichever cigarettes at whatever time was an affirmation that he  could make his decisions now  a signaling your maturity.

Now for most of us, buying undies doesn’t feed into this addiction feedback loop; but heading to the boutique at the mall with mum that Saturday morning, this subtle nudge from my mum welcoming me to womanhood is one I’ll never forget. With every action, from leaving behind my then annoying (now adorable) always-tagging-along  kid brother, to the Shwa! Shwa! sound as she counted money onto my outstretched palm, and the proud smile she wore as she ushered me – and then stepped out- into what I considered to be panty heaven; remains with me to date.

As the cool sales lady- who was just about my college sister’s age- walked me through the different types of women’s underwear, girl panties and even lingerie; I slowly took in this new feeling of being all grown up. As I picked a particularly red and lacy one for my imaginary boyfriend, I savored the ecstatic feeling of leaving behind those times where, rain or shine, all I had to contend with were cotton undies bought religiously and affectionately by mum. As the till rang up, the ting sound in my mind communicated to me that I could now be the woman I wanted to be. In and out.

Looking back, those first steps that I took with mum remain the few truly immeasurable gifts that mothers and daughters can share. Today, as I await and pray to be a mother to a daughter, I realize that knowing thyself begins with such simple decisions as what women’s underwear, lingerie or girl’s panties to buy. Thus, as I share what I’ve learned for a decade plus, first things first. I encourage you to ask yourself: What is your type? What’s your style? Are you:Women's underwear, Lingerie and girl's panties

a spandex or basic underwear girl

a ‘barely there’ sheer undies girl

a ‘something silky’ girl

a ‘boy shorts’ girl

a ‘seamless thong’ girl

the nice lacy thong girl

a playful printed panties girl

a ‘granny panties’ girl

a polka dots undies girl

a G or C string girl…..

Whatever, your style, I’ll share what I’ve personally learned in my  short journey of being a woman.

How to get your choice of women’s underwear, lingerie or girl’s panties right for every outfit:

On my part, I don’t get so hung up categorizing myself. I believe that, each one of us is most of these girls some of the time. The second truth is that we all have had those dark days when the lack of the right type of undies to go with an outfit ruined how you had planned to rock an event. The good news is that whatever your style, there is a panty for every outfit.  We are he to ensure that a wrong panty doesn’t ruin a perfectly cool outfit as every girl knows, outfits are everything!

I so hated those moments when lack of undies to match ruins every thing and cramps my style, that I’ve made a point of purchasing a new undies with each outfit. Especially if the outfit represents a shift from my usual fashion style. Here are the do’s and don’t in women underwear, lingerie and girl’s panties that have served me well, more than a decade after that crash course by the boutique girl at the mall.


  1. Always aim for a breathable crotch. Spandex doesn’t breathe well and may expand out of shape after a few washes. I’ve come to know a blend of cotton and spandex as the perfect match.
  2. If you love thong underwear but have a wobbly butt, add some material on top like spandex for support. Unless your aim for that effect or desire to reduce the layers of clothing between you and a night of passion & fun
  3. Matching the color of your underwear to that of your outfit is a good idea. In the event they peek, you will come across as well put-together compared to wearing black trousers, red panties and a yellow top. If unsure, go for black always. What out for the exception to this rule in the don’t section.
  4. Change your Panties daily (duh).
  5. Women’s underwear should be disposed off on as need be basis or when torn or worn out. Treat yourself to a new set of panties as often as is possible. This way, not only have you got options as we’ve discussed above, but they are more likely to retain that comfortable “I’ve got you” feel of underwear. Besides, you don’t want to hang to dry your panty in shame under your towel when you have a sleep over at your friend’s or when at a family function at home.
  6. Variety is the spice of life. Have undies for various outfits depending on the occasion. If you find a brand that offers you what you want, be loyal to it. Online women’s underwear shops like Victoria’s Secret , Bare Necessities, Calvin Klein, Soma and Hanes occupy this niche with a world of options for every mood and budget.

Taking care of your partners in crime: Your underwear, lingerie & undies

  1. Women’s underwear must be washed daily. Use gentle detergents during laundry to avoid fabric damage and chemical induced contact dermatitis on your nether regions.
  2. After washing, hang out in the sun to dry as often as possible. The sun is a potent natural disinfectant.
  3. Often, depending on use, white women’s underwear should be soaked overnight in fabric friendly fabric brighteners then wash them thoroughly and spread them under hot sun for 7 straight hours. Yet again, the sun has fabric whitening properties.
  4. Wash your underwear once you are done showering in the evening. Do not pile them till weekend. It just isn’t sexy.
  5. Finally, there is a song (this tip is here just because we acknowledge that many things happen in the life of girl) :
Hi,Darling! What you think? I don’t care,i don’t care But last night, last night ,last night Darling! I lost my underwear… Last night, Darling! I lost my underwear… I lost my underwear…I lost my underwear… I lost my underwear…I lost my underwear…Sak Noel
Wash new underwear before wear. The chemicals used during manufacture could irritate the sensitive skin around your crotch area which just as harsh soap may lead to rashes and unwanted irritation.

Don’t s of picking women’s underwear, lingerie and girl’s panties

  1. No visible panty lines. We have seamless panties in the market today. For those who don’t mind the uncomfortable feeling of G or C strings, they’ll do you a lot of good. Better still, go free-buffing especially during those days of your cycle when the hormones go easy on natural vaginal secretions.
  2. Most jeans today are made low-cut. This one especially for my younger sisters. Don’t. Do not wear your thong underwear or G strings with them low riders. Half of your underwear will be showing over the waistband of the jeans. First, a “whale tail” is so 2000. Secondly, not only is this then really tacky, but distracts from the real intention of low-rise jeans which in my opinion is to create an impression of a long back by lowering the waistline and thus emphasize the hip-waist ratio by being snug on the widest point of the hips.
  3. Still on jeans, do not wear nylon women underwear with jeans as they just slide down.
  4. Avoid low-cut panties if you are ample bellied as this will exaggerate your belly by cutting below it and letting it slam on your pelvis. Go for briefs aka granny panties instead. As unpopular as they are as women’s underwear, they’ll do you a lot of good improving your overall outlook. This they do by covering the body better, offering great comfort (boost confidence) and lessen unwanted bulges.
  5. Women should not wear very tight underwear. How to tell if they are too tight? If they dig into your crotch. Yes, a camel toe isn’t always a good thing. Moreover, the waistband should lay against the body nicely with no grooves. When your underwear is too tight, trust me, it gives one the unsightly “muffin” top appearance.
  6. However, do not wear knickers that are too big; they should not be loose at the bum/thighs.
  7. Don’t mix fabric types e. g cotton underwear for women worn under a silk dress may have the dress clinging to the cotton panty creating visible lines and unnecessary bumps. Wear lightweight knickers with lightweight outfits.

On Lingerie

Do you know what it feels like for a girl Do you know what it feels like in this world What it feels like for a girlMadonna in ' What it feels like'
Women's underwear, lingerie and girl's panties

That feeling of new lingerie

  1. Never ever sleep with your panties on even if you are single unless you are in your menses.
  2. If you feel like it, wear your nicest, sexiest lingerie to the office/ business meeting/ class etc. Yes, no one will see it, but if that’s what you need to give you that confidence boosts, who’s got the right to deny you that? Besides, me thinks that if one gets used to handling the power the possesses one on wearing enchanting lingerie, in public, your confidence will ensnare whoever it is your objection of desire is when it matters most. Why this bold claim? Well, wearing lingerie for the first time can nerve wrecking: Am I pulling this sexy pose good? Does he like lace? Or is it silk? What about this crotch-less piece, does it make me fanny look funny? And so on and forth. A practice run will make you a natural and the confidence will only serve to fan the fires of passion.

Why Cotton women’s underwear is a gift from god!

Cotton women underwear is the best bet always. The most practical for daily use round the menstrual cycle.
  1. Cotton underwear absorbs sweat better.
  2. Because they are breathable, they help deter conditions that encourage yeast and bacterial infections.
  3. To extend the life of your cotton underwear, ensure they are well aired and occasionally pair them with disposable panty liners.
  4. Finally, go for cotton underwear to give your jeans a good grip.










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