Bsc in Nursing : What next after your Nursing Degree in Kenya

Anne Kharunda

Mother, wife, mentor, farmer, epidemiologist whose pride remains her efforts, with others, in combating HIV/Aids in Kenya. She recently embarked on a quest to increase access to healthcare by overcoming the financial barriers to health at the community level. Enjoys nature trails. Fascinated by extreme engineering. Liverpool fan too! Would like to wake up in a world where our youth's talents flourish and skills sharpened. “Don't Stop Searching Until You Find Creative & Gainful Unemployment” -Dean Cavanagh-

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7 Responses

  1. Josphat mburu says:

    Kumbe therrs light at the end of the tunnel i almost have given up at my year of internship aki thanx for inspiring sbdy

  2. Serah Wachira says:

    Quite inspiring to upcoming BScN
    Nursing is the way to go the market is wide open with golden opportunities globally don’t give up

  3. Ejikon Meyan G. says:

    Awesome experience shared, God bless you for inspiring somebody.

  4. Derrick Ingosi says:

    I can’t agree more, Nursing ain’t a walk in the park. Everyone wishes to quit at some point, it’s all about determination + endurance!

  5. Anne Kharunda says:

    You will be amazed with your achievements when you connect dots backwards. Its worth it

  6. Joyce says:

    Thank you for the information. Would love to hear your masters degree in nursing story

  7. Ngetich Wesley says:

    What an encouraging piece for all Bsc nurses out there.Keep the spirit.

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