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Good Makeup On The Cheap is a Right! Whatever You Fancy, These Simple, Timeless, Golden Tips Guide You on How To Apply Make Up And Not To End Up With Tragic Eyebrows

Everybody should at least once in their lifetime experience the peace of that uplifting spruced up feel of wearing well done makeup. Deserve? Yes. Right? Maybe. Whichever way you gravitate, you must admit that living in a hedonistic 21st century, makeup feels more of a right.

But we can’t all afford a makeup artist. Some of us can’t –even for our lives–handle a makeup brush for all the playful fun that dolling up can be.

Believe me, you might be missing out on all the goodness as TV and glossy magazines make believe that good makeup can’t be cheap.That the more expensive your makeup kit the better it turns out.

Blame it too on socialization. Makeup is seen as a ritual to appease the demons of the vanity  mirror; as a weapon in the arsenal of sexual purveyors.

Having appreciated all these diverse reasons as to why not makeup, we have to ask why the obsession? Why then is makeup so ubiquitous in the 21st century?

Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?

Let me try and make this sound way more serious than it actually is.

I have just concluded conducting a poll  on first impressions from a person’s self-presentation. The respondents of this poll were a representative sample of contemporary cosmopolitan women. The study’s findings, short and sweet, are:

When girl meets boy, the shoes and belt still top the charts as surrogate markers for status. Unsurprisingly,it turns out that when girl meets girl; the hair, fashion sense and makeup –in that order– make the most impressions.

It seems then that it should be pretty easy to hack 21st century dating, job interviews, business pitches or whatever else that relies on good first impressions. For the lads, good shoes and belt. For the women, do a good job on the make up

Disclosure: The ‘representative sample’ was limited to the women of my life.Serious digging though tells of both cultural and scientific evidence explaining why makeup is so ubiquitous.

Men and Makeup

This is what I found out when I asked my husband his thoughts on men and makeup.It went something like:

“The easy decisions aren’t always easy.

dreadlocks, tattoo and beards are now mainstream macho. men makeup? not yet mainstream

The 21st century male is metro-sexual 2.0, they get their hair done, beards maintained and throw on some makeup too

Decisions like keeping a beard or not.

I wear my beard proudly. I have been clean shaven less than three times for all I can remember. But that’s the easy part. Whether to rock a light stubble, heavy stubble or full grown beard, is the decision to make.

What started as no shave Movember has morphed into a thing.

A thing with my daughter who has placed a moratorium on my beard. Shave it and don’t you dare drop/pick me up at school is the gist of this embargo. She wants it there in it’s full glory. Not a hair missing.

Then, there is my wife who wants it “maintained”–whatever that means.

Lastly, it’s with my mum who wants it gone.

My personal choice? I am in between. I want it there, maintained, gone and full mane all at the same time.

Here is why: At times I am vexed over what message my full grown beard communicates to  my clients during business meetings.

Some business communication 101 so that you understand why this is important:The cardinal rule of effective business communication is that as an entrepreneur, you represent your brand all the time.

Brands are a reflection of the people who conceive them, name them and nurture them. Think Steve Jobs, think Richard Branson. They are Apple and Virgin respectively. Christ, throw in President Donald Trump too.

Back to my beards and entrepreneurship chronicles. Take that for some of the brands am building,my full beard channels the aggression needed. At other times, a heavy stubble (as my wife likes it) is the apt beard length to cross the T’s in that important business meeting.

Whatever the choice of beard length, it can be darn tasking having to make all these considerations every morning.I believe its the same with makeup. Nobody wants to apply their precious neurons that way. ”

Analysis Paralysis: Common Makeup Questions That Bog The Mind Every Time You Pick Up That Makeup bag

That moment infront of the bathroom mirror applying makeup with all these questions swirling all over your mind if you are doing it right

  • How much makeup is enough for this dinner date, business meeting or even a quiet Saturday indoors?
  • Do I even have to wear makeup in the first place? It’s not just my thing you know.
  • Everyone is wearing it. Even though it is not my thing, I feel left out. In fact having wearing none makes me feel less a woman. What to do now?
  • What if I wear some and end up sticking out like sore thumb?
  • Even if I were to it, would I be able to pull it off like Sandra at the office?
  • (In the bathroom, standing there in front of your makeup vanity mirror, makeup brush in hand) Do I even remember the sequence? Keep in mind that often you probably be running late at risk of  missing a meeting or keeping your date waiting.

Finding The Right Balance Between Rocking The In vogue Natural Look and Wearing Makeup

The case for makeup is a strong one. Take for instance that be at the bar or even the boardroom, science tells us that men pay more attention to a lady when she has red lipstick.

Why is that? There is a host of nerdy reasons like the psychology behind colors and evolutionary whims such as the need to procreate. The short of it all is that lipstick makes the lips simply more charming!

Before rushing off to pick any lipstick off the shelf, remember that the color of the lipstick matters. Red lipstick comes first doing better than brown or even pink lipstick. Plain Jane finishes last.

Aside from these proven benefits of makeup in strategic self presentation, choice ought be the guiding maxim.

Like this African beauty, some are blessed with flawless skin that ordinarily doesn't need makeup. When she does feel like makeup, surely less will be more for her

Natural African Beauty

Women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves, for whatever reasons. For most women, it boosts their confidence in the short term. In the midterm, this confidence fix does their self esteem a world of good. The self esteem then leads to a happy life.

But that is just one perspective. Others swear that  grooming not makeup is all you need. Cosmetics like primer, concealer and foundation, powder are just their mojo. At the maximum, maybe light eyebrow pencil and some lipstick and they are good to go.

Regardless of whether your choice is to go all natural or to wear makeup, makeup artists advice that a personalized beauty plan is the silver bullet.

A personal beauty plan goes beyond fancy makeup organizers. It surely is aided by expert advice from dermatologists and professional makeup artists. By all means, it is an intuitive PROCESS that leads a woman towards their own routine that complements her image and style.

Awesome Makeup Begins With Taking Good Care of  Your Facial Skin

Some basic steps to follow;

  1. Cleanse/wash face to remove oil, grime and old makeup.
  2. Steam your face regularly. The moistened heat cleans your face both inside and out. Out by opening up skin pores through sweating and thus flush out ingrained dirt. Cleanse inside by causing flushing as blood vessels vasodilate washing out toxins and bringing in oxygen-rich blood to  renew the skin.
  3. Exfoliate/scrub using pH balanced facial scrubs to extract dirt particles from the open pores from steaming. This also helps removes blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing encourages new cell production to reveal a youthful you.
  4. Apply face mask to re-hydrate and accentuate the look of the renewed facial skin.
  5. Tone products help remove excess dirt including residue makeup.
  6. Moisturize with the cosmetic product of choice leaving you looking beautiful and supple.

7 Step Tutorial On How to Apply Makeup

Minamalist makeup kit consisting of cosmetic powder, lipstick and cosmetic brush

All the makeup you need to look glam

  1. Prepare your face with moisturizer and primer. The primer helps to enhance the appearance of makeup and increase its longevity.
  2. Apply foundation to create an even complexion  and even base for your makeup. This is the most important stage in makeup application. Foundation is what gives you that ‘baby’ skin look that is so attractive. In fact science puts foundation as the most effective makeup. If you have a choice to go all out on a cosmetic product, foundation should be the choice.
  3. Apply some concealer if needed and blend it in. This evens out uneven skin tone as a result of blemishes or dark under-eye circles.
  4. Follow up with your choice of blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.
  5. Contour to emphasize your facial features. For instance, prominent cheek bones are a sign of beauty in most cultures.
  6. Blush your cheeks. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to your skin tone. This is scientific too. Women when they are most sexually viable like during ovulation are likely to have blushed chicks.This serves to attract potential mates.
  7. Fill in your eyebrows. This especially applies for those with thin or sparse eyebrows.

Pro Tips

Always select a color of pencil that is close to your natural hair color. BLACK PENCIL IS A NO NO ON EYEBROWS.

Getting eyebrow makeup right: Start by outlining the edges of your eyebrows then fill in the center using the same strokes. Go in the same direction of your hair growth. Set with a clear or tinted brow gel to make them stay all day.

Always wash off at night to avoid that ghastly look of melting magma in the morning/you also don’t want to stain your bed linen.

Rule of thumb; LESS IS MORE. If it feels like you are pushing your mascara game over the edge, you probably are.

Good makeup is about balance. When the eyes make a statement, the lips should be more quiet.

Two Key Rules

  1. Makeup should ENHANCE your looks not change them. This is particularly important to note when you have to ‘draw ‘ things.
  2. Less visible is more attractive. Therefore, always highlight one area eg  lips/eyes not both.

To a fabulously beautiful you

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