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3 Reasons Why South Africa Opposition Movement, EFF, Welcomes The Cancellation Of Durban As Hosts Of The 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Leftist South African opposition grouping, EFF, once again reminded us of a period when the bubble of African Renaissance burst. At the eve of the 2010 19th edition of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we all danced to Shakira’s Ke Nako

It was Africa’s time. More readily, South Africa’s time to belong and dine with the big boys of world. We, other Africans, cheered our big brother along as it was what a good African does. Mbithi said it best: “I am, therefore we are.” So hope, song. Hope and a little more song…

And then bust!

We had seen Durban’s bid for the commonwealth as an apt dress rehearsal for an African Olympics. Yet again, as it was during the 2010 soccer World cup, South Africa was leading the way for the African continent. But that was before all things African happened: missed deadlines, budget constraints, lack of political will; you name it. Then there were no commonwealth games.

While the the legacy (or lack of) the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa might be at fault here, the minimal media and online mention of yet another killing of Africa’s sun that happened with the dropping of Durban as 2022 Commonwealth games host should be a concern.

360° VIEW:

In the 21st century, for many other things google remains your friend. Here though even google couldn’t put us in the know- by the time of publishing this post there was scant information online on why the commonwealth games foundation made the decision to drop Durban for the 2022 games.

It is in such rare times that the silence of the majority allows for the minority to be heard. And heard they were. As always, radical Joseph Malema led South African militant opposition grouping, EFF, was in its element. Characteristically no holds barred.

Press Statement: South African Opposition, EFF, Uses Opportunity Presented by Durban’s Cancellation As 2022 Commonwealth Hosts To Sell Its Agenda

Tuesday, March 14, 2017|Mbuyiseni Quinton Ndlozi

The Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the cancellation of Durban as hosts of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. We support this cancellation for the following reasons;

  1. Commonwealth is an association of colonies of Britain and South Africa should break free from its colonial linkages and past. The Commonwealth is an association of all political territories under the colonial conquest and control of Britain, and it should be anything that a post 1994 South Africa celebrates. South Africa does not owe its allegiance to the colonial Britain and should therefore cut all ties to colonial masters.
  2. Hosting of events has no meaningful socioeconomic impact on the lives of ordinary people, like it was the case with the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The 2010 Soccer World Cup has illustrated that South Africa’s hosting of international events does not benefit ordinary South Africans, but benefits huge multinational corporations,colluding construction companies, and the elite.
  3.  The present ruling party will not be in power in 2022 so they must avoid taking decisions that they will not implement and might be cancelled by those who will be in power in 2022.

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