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Kenyan Doctor’s Strike: These bad ass quotes from brave KMPDU officials are guaranteed to get your pulse racing

Today , Feb 22 , 2017 marks day 80 of the nationwide Kenyan doctors strike. It marks the day when Kenyan parliament (rather late) made an attempt at alleviating the misery, indignity and irreplaceable loss that majorly poor Kenyans have suffered over close to three months. Led by the indomitable, Dr Ouma Oluga, KMPDU officials alongside other stakeholders came before the parliamentary health committee to weigh in on a petition filled by the union a fortnight or so ago.

The injustice of lack of public health care

Rather disappointingly, the August house appeared to get lost in the semantics of the legality of the 2013 CBA. In doing so, they effectively absconded their primary duty of representation. This unfortunate abdication of duty is evident in the butchering of justice- at the alter of sideshows- in the dignified halls of the Kenyan parliament.

We saw a high ranking government official- as former Permanent Secretary Mark Bor currently serves in the KNH board- admit to major crimes just to subvert the course of justice. Justice for the doctors as providers of labor as free men; justice for Wanjiku as she suffers being denied healthcare and injustice to any the well meaning Kenyan tax payers.

I want to believe that there are those serving in government who would want to amicably resolve the impasse, but are under the clutch of #HealthCartels. A confluence of private interests who stand to lose with better equipped, better funded and motivated public health sector in Kenya.

While we ask “Where are you Mr. President ?” Kenyans continue to light candles tonight in prayer motivated by the words, actions and selfless sacrifice of KMPDU, (Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentist Union) officials. In these words champions for universal healthcare are motivated. Doctor’s and health professionals all over the world burdened by the call to duty find solace. As Kenyans, we see souls dedicated to justice in a land crying out for servant leaders. Humanity sees that the path towards universal healthcare lies in unity, professionalism, courage, unionism, sacrifice, empathy and defiance.

Dr Ouma Oluga, Sec. General KMPDU on  health reforms

It is our unity that shall form the springboard for further health reforms which we urgently need. Let’s not yearn for the rotten status quo. We can’t afford to embrace our rejected past.

-Dr Ouma Oluga, Secretary General, KMPDU

KMPDU, secretary general on unveiling a new dawn for Kenyan health sector

Dr Mwachonda Chibanzi’s Patriotic call to nation servant hood

Mimi daktari wa Jamhuri ya Kenya, naapa ya Kwamba nitalinda kazi yangu, kama nilivyokula kiapo kumlinda mwananchi. Ewe Mwenyezi Mungu nisaidie. (I, a doctor in the republic of Kenya, swear to protect my profession, in the manner I swore to do no harm in the Hippocratic oath. So help me lord.)

-Dr. Mwachonda Chibanzi, Katibu Mkuu (Deputy Secretary General), KMPDU

KMPDU, deputy secretary general on nobility of the medical profession


Dr Samuel Oroko, Chairman KMPDU  On Rising To The Challenges

We have proven to the whole world that doctors united shall never be defeated. That WE the doctors can determine the model and direction of health care in the country. Indeed we are very powerful. A time has come that we must make good use of our power-power to ignite the fire of change.

-Dr. Samuel Oroko, Chairman, KMPDU

KMPDU, Chair on doctor's role in health care system design


Dr Allan Ochanji channels the spirit of the likes of Ken Saro Wiwa

When the union’s inspiration through the workers’ blood shall run, there can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun…FOR THE UNION MAKES US STRONG!

-Dr. Allan Ochanji. 2nd Vice Chairman, KMPDU

KMPDU, Vice-chair on unionisim


Dr.Titus Ondoro on Purpose

My belief of existence with a purpose is being realized. We will persevere to the bitter end, even if we will sacrifice our freedom to effect the change we deserve.

-Dr.Titus Ondoro, 1st Vice Chairman, KMPDU

KMPDU, Vice-chair on sacrifice


To the downtrodden, Dr. Daisy Korir, KMPDU Treasurer, has got your back. Justice is coming tomorrow

We want everyone in the villages to access the same high quality care as those in Nairobi.

-Dr.Daisy Korir, Treasurer, KMPDU

KMPDU, Treasurer on healthcare access

 Dr Evelynn Chege, finds solace in a Powerful Mexican Proverb

I was told prison is like a hospital, anyone can enter…I have a small memento that I kept to always remind me that they tried to bury me, but they didn’t know that I was a seed.

-Dr Evelyen Chege, Deputy Treasurer, KMPDU

KMPDU deputy treasurer on prisons being like hospitals

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