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Remembering Mandela

A poem to remember Mandela. The persona is a mother crying for her children’s future. She asks Nelson Mandela to pass on her regards to Professor Wangari Maathai. This mother is remembering Mandela through the work of another peace maker, Wangari Maathai who taught us world peace through environmental conservation and sustainable living.

Obama and Maathai in Nairobi. Remembering Mandela would be incomplete without acknowleding his contemporary, Wangari Maathai and reincerate? Barack Obama

The thinking here is simple really. Project World Peace lost key pillars in the death of both Nobel Laureates. If one wanted to pass a message to the afterlife to Green Belt Movement Founder Wangari Maathai, who else to entrust? Who better that Mandela to understand the gravity of the situation?

Isn’t it Mandela who said “We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear.” Isn’t it Wangari Maathai who taught us peace is naught when we destroy our environment? We in Africa say  “A tree has fallen ” when somebody of Tata’s stature exits the stage.

Remembering Mandela

I weep for my children…..
They shall never know rivers once flown clean, for we have filled them with sewage,
That elephants graced our savannas, for we have chosen  vain wealth over our heritage,
Fireflies that lit your way at night,as we made the earth too hostile for them
Oh! the butterflies that decorated this earth.

Of the great leaders without greed and corruption that once lived,
We have just lay to rest the last one.

On he goes to join Wangare Maathai,
Pass on our our regards to mama when you get there tata.

Children played carefree going for distances well into the next village,
No one would steal them, or rape them,
Because they belonged to us all .

They shall never know forests once lived big enough to house ogres,
Why? Because we are too haste to cut trees and too lazy to plant knew ones.
That snow white lived up in the mountains in the land of snow,
Snow, so pure, so white like atop mountains kissing the clouds,
Under the tropical heat of the equator.

I fear for us,

They will read about all these things in history and accuse us before the Lord almighty.

A mother’s cry, a mother’s lamentations. Our shared guilt. Indeed, questions for the 21st century. Questions on humanity’s very survival. Queries on living and life when we cease to be. Thank you Nelson Mandela. Do rest in the peace you gave your life for. Tata. Father; May our children live in the world you talked of.

There may be only one of your kind every 1000 years but the gift of you are lasts a thousand more.

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