Easy Home Composting Of Kitchen Waste: The Complete Guide

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14 Responses

  1. Wow! I had no clue. Right now in my household we are recycling. This is good information.

  2. When I was a kid, we were recycling and making our own compost in the garden. So useful for flowers and plants afterwards.

  3. I have a compost pile in my backyard. I also often toss stuff out the windows for the animals. The squirrels and birds love my house!

  4. Amber Myers says:

    I have never done this before. My parents do though. They don’t like to waste anything.

  5. Angela Milnes says:

    My grandmother used to do this when I was younger. I loved the getting dirty part, haha.

  6. sharonslopez says:

    This is a very useful guide for everyone. In country, we have this law on solid waste management and it is already being implemented.

  7. Ankita says:

    Good Article I found it to be very informative.I never did this before, but I think I should start today itself..:)

  8. angrisk says:

    What a great guide for home composting vegetable waste! I always hate sending my food scraps to the trash…this offers a great solution.

  9. Claire Bear says:

    Composting and recycling are the two great tips to be environmental friendly. This article is super informative and I really think people should all know about this.

  10. toastycritic says:

    I have some friends who are really into composting their garbage. Thanks for all the useful information for thinking about starting my own.

  11. Ana De-Jesus says:

    When In lived back home we had separate food waste bins but it seems like we don’t have them in London. I like the idea of setting up different bin bags per item x

  12. Rosey says:

    I watched my son and his wife when they started their own compost system. They’re champs when it comes to reusing, recycling so many different things!

  13. I honestly don’t know much about recycling! Thanks for this resource. I need to learn more.

  14. iiipphy says:

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of information on recycling, I have really learnt a lot.

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