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The 21st Century Waits For No Man! 8 Effortless Ways To Beat Monday Blues

Imelda beat Monday blues. Be like Imelda! For no apparent reason I’ve christened her Imelda. The lady in the picture. Imelda reminds us that indeed, all sunrises are beautiful.

A woman's sillhoute in the ocean at sunrise: The perfect antonym of Monday Blues

She’s powerful too. As she flips up her hair daring, disturbing the sea. Ready she is .Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ut it is not always that we will feel energized for the day as she is. See how the soft sun rays delicately kiss her silhouette? After a nights rest and with the promise of the day, mornings are supposed to feel that way. That refreshing. That inviting, ushering us into the day. Chances are that we don’t always feel refreshed and rearing to go as Imelda. Especially on Mondays, sometimes on any other day. We all know of the subtle dread; that defeated feeling: The drain of Monday blues.

Mornings symbolize a new beginning, rebirth and renewal in many world cultures. Take the Swahili proverb “Siku njema huonekana asubuhi”: a good day is recognized by its morning. it loosely translates.

Yet, to many, mornings are the darkest hours of the day. Wore, all working mornings feel like a Monday. From music to food, we present eight effortless ways that won’t cost you a dime, yet make you feel like money as you set off for your 21st century hustle.


Super Foods That Beat Monday Blues

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet for many, a cup of coffee on the go suffices. Nutrition experts advice that for optimal body weight, the individual should acquire a huge proportion of their daily ( 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women) energy requirements at the start of the day.

A hearty breakfast helps kick Monday Blues

Breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a pauper is a good personal nutrition philosophy if you want to avoid being the newest recruit in the weight loss battle

Have you heard of the James Bond breakfast that is heavy on proteins which when broken down into their building blocks are key to the production of ‘feel good’ hormones like dopamine (You know that refreshing feeling of setting up goals and perusing them? Like on New Year’s eve with the resolutions? It’s dopamine that does that ).

Need a serotonin fix? Don’t do drugs. Or Social Media. Do legumes

Like chickpeas. Metabolism of the amino acid tryptophan found in this healthy choice of protein intake boosts serotonin in similar ways to Ecstasy. The drug.

My All-time Breakfast?

The James Bond breakfast  is just of one of the many quick breakfast choices that ought give a try for that energy boost needed to beat Monday blues.


Script your Morning

Take an extra 20 minutes at the end of the day when you troop back from your money-making and life changing adventures, to set out the day ahead of you.

To beat Monday blues, prior planning is critical

Diary, clip and pen

A quick look at your diary, the weather forecast, day events that may disrupt your schedule, important family and friends days that you need to remember for any chance at the elusive work-life balance, In the 21st Century, this couldn’t be easier with so many i-phone and Android apps being churned out by the minute for the host of mobile devices that we carry around.

To complete this ritual, it shouldn’t take you so long to pick an outfit for that important business meeting you have tomorrow; collect the keys, wallet, watch and jewellery all in one spot so that you don’t scuttle around looking for the car keys. We all know how lost keys can be the perfect storm in a tea-cup and defeat our goal here of beating Monday blues.


Morning me time

Me time doesn’t have to be deferred for the weekend at the spa. Why not start of your day with a bit of me time?

Essential oils can spruce up your mornings and kick out Monday Blues

Essential oils

Surely, creating some 45 minutes of your 24 hour day to tend and revitalize body, soul and mind to recharge your batteries so to say, shouldn’t be much of an ask. Pamper thee first before the wear and tear.  What works for me as my morning me time, consists of leisurely perusing morning dailies, as I sit on the balcony watch the day break and the world arise.

If a long leisurely bath with a chapter of a gripping book is the thing to lift up your spirits and calm the mind, why not before the long tormenting day ahead ? Your morning me time could also be the time to tend to a hobby like writing. Or even photography by capturing the first looks of the new day. Heck, you could utilize the time in learning a new dance. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve essential oils or a masseuse.

Whilst the temptation to sleep in is real, we all know by now that more sleep does nothing to beat Monday Blues. What it does instead is to make you late.


Nourish Your Spirit:

Why not give yoga a try Or practice meditation through martial arts ?Why not start your day with a prayer?

A man kneels on a football pitch spectator bench and prays . Prayer can help beat Monday Blues

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. — Mahatma Gandhi —

My Californian and recently Colorado friends swear by some herbal green to ease into the day. Whatever calms your soul, spiritual nourishment at the start of the day may help in keeping the endless hustles of life in the 21st century at bay.

When you have it together inside, you to get closer to achieving your life goals irrespective of what might be going on in your personal life. That ongoing divorce proceeding should not also get you fired. As you might have already realized, what’s important is the start. Get it together in the morning, get into the flow and zombie through out the day.

Think of a high performing drug addict. That’s the philosophy here. But this is not to say you shouldn’t seek help.


Morning Work Out

For couples, squeezing in a morning work out shouldn’t be much of a problem as other matters (not fit for TV) have long be known to burn a few calories and lift the spirits.

A Couple exercise together by jogging on the beach. This, a splendid way to beat morning blues

Couple exercising together: They had each other and sand on their feet. What more could they ask for?

Well, it said that a healthy bedroom leads to a healthy home, happy people and happy families. Who are we to disagree?

Nonetheless, for most 21st century folks, a good old jog or walk does it for many. So does aerobics, roller skating and even a full morning gym workout. Another great option that works for my family is a short game of badminton with at the start of the day. Badminton is a lazy sport so to say. Besides, not only is it fun, it provides a gentle whole body workout while availing much-needed family time.


A dose of morning Music 

Music heals, uplifts, encourages, inspires, motivates and soothes. Play-list blasting through your wireless earphones? Mozart in symphony from your classical music collection wafting through the room?  Or traditional far east music gently strumming your heart-strings?

Beat Monday Blues? What about music

Nothing like groovy rhythm and blues to gently usher in the day. Image: Austin Neil

It doesn’t matter really. Your style. A personal favorite from my days at the university continues to be Kanye West’s Good Morning. My morning playlist starts with Kanye has some Jay Z, some Linkin Park too and Mozart. Sometimes a funny YouTube video picked at random is what it takes to beat the Monday blues. A recent addition to this morning routine has been this beauty of a song- Happy by Pharrell.

In need of some attitude? Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne are easy picks for many. Some early morning energy? Ironically, Black-eyed-peas ‘I’ve got a feeling’  (tonight’s gonna be a good night)’ is one of the most popular morning songs. Of course, the choice is as varied as music genres go.


Call a loved one Let Their Delight ebb away Monday Blues

This is what I do ever so often. It unfailingly lifts my spirit  every time beating the Monday blues.

A phone call to loved ones could be all that's needed to beat Monday blues

In a day, like today
I got out of bed, upped and went my way
Tryin’ to find some peace within
But here ain’t no rest for a weary man
Everything seemed to get me down
Looking everywhere just to find a smile
Then the phone rings and an angel sings
“Hello (Hello)”
[chorus] And it’s funny you should call today
It’s been too long, thought you just moved on
And it’s funny you should call today
You always found a way to make my day
—Gerald Levert in Funny—
Image: James Sutton

At random, I scroll the contacts of my mobile phone, pick any of my friends/ family and loved ones and call them just to wish them a great day.The cheer that such a pleasant surprise brings to the morning to the recipient of the call is an infectious one, in spite of the distance involved.

8. A healthy dose of Optimism and Skepticism

Optimism speaks well for itself. As far as skepticism goes, go ahead. Start with this article.

Bookmark This One and Have a Great Day!






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