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Thinking Of Going All Natural Like Alicia Keys? Find Inspiration From These Natural Hair Gangsters

Way back in 2010 wearing natural hair was a ‘niche’ lifestyle. In 2017, natural hair is very much mainstream with celebrities like Jada Pinkett, Alicia Keys and Lupita Nyongo leading the trend.

As Indie Arie sang, no woman is her hair. But every while, women need/have/want/chose to be the woman they are inside. On one paradigm, that might mean styling their hair natural. Here, we present free women who we affectionately call: natural hair gangsters. We hope they will be an inspiration if you ever chose to style your hair natural.

MMI-MMC 360° takes you on a journey of discovery.  Unveiling human fascination with hair over the ages. We open up the world of Maasai Morans; narrate hair’s importance as  an ornament in Victorian times; marvel at Uganda’s use of hair as an anti-rape tool and many more READ: 7 Amazing Hair Stories From The 21st Century & Beyond

To help you along -and just because we love you guys- we went about the internet searching for authentic information on natural hair. Useful information that would guide your decision to go all natural.

One of the better sources we found out there was this award winning website .  As suggested by its unique name, the website is dedicated to curls and coils of natural hair.

Kinkycurlycoilyme is a celebrity personal blog run by the beautiful Jenell B Stewart. By all yardsticks, Jenell  fits the description of those we lovingly call natural hair gangsters.  Here is a teaser:

Jenell Stewart’s Six benefits of  natural hair

  • Styling your hair natural is more economical. Take it that you could save just $1.50 by styling your hair natural. A dollar fifty doesn’t seem much of a saving. Not until you consider this this puny figure could be the difference between a healthy life prolonging diet and junk food. According to a study by the Harvard School Of Public health, adjusting for yearly inflation/deflation, this holds. The difference between a healthy diet that reduces the chances of obesity, diabetes and hypertension and unhealthy junk food laden diets is only $1.50 per day. Therefore,controlling for other factors, the choice to style natural hair my mean improved chances of a healthier diet and healthier lives for you.
  • Natural hair can be cared for without dangerous chemicals. Scientific studies implicate hair chemicals in causing frizzy hair, itchy dandruff and even hair loss. This is in addition to hair thinning, weakening, split ends and premature greying of hair.
  • Natural hair is more versatile. Don’t get stuck on the Afro. There are 1000’s of ways to style natural hair whether you chose keep it short or showy .
  • Fall in love with the gym
  • Being confident enough in yourself
  • You no longer need to fear water: Consider this chart compiled by the Mayo Clinic of calories burned by hour of activity. It is apparent that how you chose to style your hair has a bearing on the range of physical activities. Styling your hair natural will make water based physical activities like swimming less of a hustle.

What’s more? Because you are such munchkins, we dug up this Storify The Natural Hair Lifestyle & The Feminist Theory by jadewaterman offers a contextual, historical and philosophical look at the natural hair movement. Enjoy!

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