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Office Gossip: Interesting Things Overheard At The Office

 The office happens to be a large part of the life of many of us. Some find romance in the office, others only have friends in the office. I have heard of some of those who have no life outside the office such that the never take up the annual leave or happen to be the ones who readily cover for colleagues whenever they happen to be away on leave. All the same, one thing is common in all offices: Office gossip, idle office talk if you like..

Office Gossip: This God Of  The 21st Century Wears Shorts

Taking a bit too long for the bosses pleasure with their mugs of coffee in hand , standing by the coffee table (where else) two of my colleagues are discussing a workmate in hushed tones. The subject of the discussion happens to be an integral part of our little team and the only one who can do what he does. With the only other one on study leave, this fellow happens to feel quite indefensible at the moment and he makes it known that it is so.  Expressing their displeasure at his apparent haughtiness

Female Colleague: You know, what he is doing is not right and this God of today wears shorts.
Male Colleague : (laughs) what do you mean God wears shorts!
Female Colleague: He (God)  has no respect.
Male Colleague: (with an expectant wait) Meaning?
Female Colleague: Just like a boy, he knows no respect for who you are or what you are. ( Changes tone of voice to one that demonstratctes that the point they are about to make is a matter of fact) He pays in kind right before your eyes. What ever he is doing (subject of the talk) will be done to him right in this earth!

Office Gossip: You Make Your Luck When Your Are Born

Gossiping about a colleague with particulary hard luck. An office mate tells of a story and so it goes:

Labor pains are no joke. Naturally so it was for this young woman. Assisting her bring life into this world, were several persons. Some where there just for moral support, others were assistants in the delivery process. Yet in spite of this sizeable team, this particular lady was having trouble bearing down and as thus was placing the yet to be born baby in danger. This is because the more prolonged the labour, the more likely the baby is to suffer from birth injuries to the brain and even lungs. Quite an unfortunate event especially after a uneventful pregnancy . Thankfully though, thanks to the concerted efforts, the mother in our story gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. As the cord was being clamped and cut and the boy took the first lusty breaths of life, in the midst of the collective relief and cheer..,

Birth assistant 1: Tell you what, you make your luck by how you enter this world
Birth assistant 2: (absent minded, still caught up in the joy of birth) Why?
Birth assistant 1: The more trouble you cause, the more you shouldn’t blame anyone if you happen to be one of those people who bad luck stalks….
Birth assistant 2: (laughing) Likewise, it could just mean that you turn out to be one of those ‘lottery-winning-type’ lucky people given that you had to struggle so much to enter this world…

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