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See What Happens When You Exercise As A Couple

We reveal why alongside ice cream, chocolates, flowers, movie dates and other fun relationship stuff; couples exercise is becoming a new favorite.

Before we embark on this journey of discovery, we first have to all accept this truism of love in the 21st century: The energy expended when starting  a relationship pales to the energy needed to keep the fire burning.

When starting out as a couple, Saturday afternoon movie/game; then probably checking in at the local bar for a couple and topping off the night with some Ariana Grande style side to side action is pretty much standard stuff.

Months into the relationship, the standard becomes stale. The answer as to why this happens is what keeps relationship advice columns alive. Truth is it’s nobody’s fault really. Neither is it about getting kids or the joy of starting a family. Rather, its a consequence of the human condition which sees to it that our appetites for any of the fun couple stuff whimsically fluctuate.

Truth is, it’s impossible to always be in sync as a couple. It’s even harder to repeatedly understand and compensate for the randomness of your partner’s whims. Love simply shouldn’t be that tasking. Not even if you are a self-confessed randomness, down- for-whatever, junkie.

5 Ideas As You Embark On Couples Exercise

  • It is said that for a healthy relationship, lovers need some time away. When you chose to exercise as a couple, be careful to spare each other some me time.
  • Couples exercise should not replace the wine-ing, dinning and other forms of TLC. Yes we have seen how we can save some money, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for an indulgent evening with your partner.
  • Exercise could be incorporated into dates- hiking to your picnic site, swimming with branch by the poolside
  • Couples exercise classes for can be a gift with a personal touch: Yoga lessons, mountain biking, skiing lessons, gardening books, golf clubs are just some suggestions.
  • Be creative! Learn to play with each other again: Make it interesting by promising each other niceties like rub downs after the exercise session.

Discovering couple exercise has been invaluable in disrupting routine– whose only crime is it’s inclination to make couples unappreciative to each other. Here is what my experience has been like

Couples Who Exercise Together Have A Better Sex Life

It is said that a house that eats together stays together. Likewise, couples who play together stay together. How does couple exercise translate to a better, more frequent time between the sheets?

Well, huffing and puffing as a couple in a tennis court/swimming pool etc helps in negating less savory exchanges that are granted reality in every relationship.

How is it so? It’s simple really. With the physical tiredness and pump in spirits after a game of badminton with my wife, I can’t for instance get around going on about trivialities like why she forgot to pick up the mail despite me reminding her to.

At that moment really, all you want really is to freshen up and re-hydrate. Picking up on petty fights just doesn’t cut. Maybe it’s because exercise releases endorphins which have a calming effect.

While this still holds when you exercise alone, when couples exercise together there are other fringe benefits as opportunities abound for foreplay.

We all know how easy it is to pull off sexy in gym wear. Thanks to popular culture, our minds have already been primed to associate exercise with vitality. Moreover, as you sweat it out, potent aphrodisiacs,pheromones, are released. Besides, exercise is said to lead to a boost in testosterone levels in males. Testosterone is the oil that runs the engines.

When Couples Exercise Together, They Reaffirm Their Commitment To Each Other

The health benefits of exercise are well known. Physical activity of whatever form,done every day however way you like it is the latest World Health Organization’s recommendation for a healthy 21st century.

Exercise decreases the chances of development of lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. As I have come to experience at the end of the now more frequent evening walks with my wife; when a couple exercise together, they subliminally signal to each other this comforting message:

I want you to enjoy good health. I want to be healthy for you so that we can realize the future that we have planned together. I want to grow old and grey with you.

ELderly male, eyes closed, lost in the embrace of dance illustrates what the fringe benefits of an activity like dancing as couples exercise

I’ll be there for you

Exercise Together as a Couple as a Strategy to Save for your Dreams

With a little ingenuity, working out together as a couple could turn out to be cheaper. What welcome news that is  living in the 21st century,where austerity seems to be the norm and managing personal and family finances a full time job.

You’d be surprised with the options here. Take the case that when couples exercise together, they can teach each other new stuff that they otherwise would have paid for as individuals.

For us, my wife did yoga before we were. Thanks to that, I don’t have to pay to learn deep breathing exercises. Not even my internet service provider to stream You Tube. For you, the case might be access to discounts on your gym membership or even saving up on the trip to the gym by car pooling.

The trick I have come to learn when starting to deal with finances as a couple, you need to budget and avail funds as it were the case when you were single.

Take that as far as is feasible, then divert the funds where there is duplication to a common saving account to fund that holiday, new home, college fund, cooking class or whatever it’s your collective and individual dreams are.

As you do so, make provisions for adjusting appropriately to cover for over the top expenses that may arise as the consolidated budget is now catering for more people rather than one.

Pssssst! Would you believe it that all this financial advice came about  from the decision to embark on the journey to exercise as a couple?

When Couples Exercise Together, They Become Tuned To Each Other Resulting in Better Life Chemistry

Depending on the choice of work out, when couples exercise together they can learn how to corporate with each other; this holding them in good stead in the building their love nest.

This realization came to us whilst watching a You Tube video of performance of a couple in one of those XYX Got Talent Shows. My wife and I were in awe of the beauty of the fine performance that deservedly got a standing audition from the audience.

tango can be good couple exercise

The dancers, husband and wife, were not only perfectly tuned to each others moves, but also to the music. With every graceful move, they fit into each other lock and key in awesome synchrony.

No doubt that the two were professionals, but it got us thinking of the possibilities of forming a bad ass partnership like that. What achieving that would mean for our nascent business and how exercising together could help set us on that path.

Couple Exercise as a Route to Attaining  Personal Fitness Goals

It’s April and by now, New Year resolutions have gotten cold and old. Among the lists of many at the turn of every year is to exercise more.But alas! Like flowers these declarations wither as soon as the celebratory fireworks die off.

Exercising as a couple could just be the way to keep these goals alive as the lovers offer each other moral and emotional support for the reasons given above.

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