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The Ultimate Mother and Daughter Songs Video Playlist

Many songs have been sang about mothers and daughters. This relationship is like any other: Full of upswings and low moments, break ups and make ups, sweet and bitter memories. Through out the cycle of life from birth, school going, adolescence, marriage, career goals pursuit and the inevitable sad occasio0of death that robs loved ones of the companionship of each other, this beautiful relationship- between mothers and daughters – evolves and blossoms. These playlist of the very best of mother and daughter songs couldn’t say it better.

mother and daughter during a protetst march

The photo in the background was taken during the march of the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this day, people in Argentina commemorate the anniversary of the civil-ecclesiastical-military coup of the year 1976, and where the dead and missing civilians are remembered. Photo by Matias Jacobi on Unsplash

In this journey, misunderstandings are as common as the beautiful times shared together. Sometimes, it  is becomes more apt for mother and daughter to severe bonds that were formed in the womb and fostered through pregnancy. As severing these sacred bonds paradoxically may be the only plausible way of supporting each other. Supporting each other in not only achieving life goals that they may have set out for themselves, but also as an integral part in living a full life.

To tell this beautiful story, a story of filial love, a look at some all time favorite  mother and daughter songs. Songs that you ought consider for the playlist the next mother’s day you spend with your mum, for that road trip, when you start the journey of motherhood or when you simply miss her.

Of Mothers and Daughters, The Misunderstandings

This verse in the aptly titled Mothers and Daughters by Vaya Con Dios tells of the possible- often is the case- misunderstandings between a teenage daughter and the mother

She thinks she knows you…she thinks she owns you…she wants everything to be…the way she told yo…of course she loves you….Worries about youVaya Con Dios in Mothers and Daughters

The Role of Parental Love in Bring up Daughters

The well known John Mayer hit, Daughters , speaks of the duty parents have to their children. As this excerpt from this all time favorite mother father and daughter song tells, the actions of parents mold how children cope later in life, including how as adults they relate intimately with others.

Fathers, be good to your daughters…daughters will love like you do…girls become lovers who turn into mother…so mothers, be good to your daughters tooJohn Mayer in Daughters

The Pillar That a Mother’s Love is to a Daughter

In this automatic pick for mother and daughter songs – Faith Hill’s You Can’t Lose Me , a mother seems to  encourage her daughter not to give up in the struggle for life. As is often the case in life, this mother encourages her daughter to pick her self up, dust her dress and carry on with the fight as she will eventually realize her dreams.

A little girl, a little small for her age…a little too slow for the field day race Momma’s waiting at the finish line…and wipes the teardrops from her eyes…she says, “You did just fine honey, that’s okay…sometimes life’s just that way…you’re gonna lose the race from time to time…but you’re always gonna findFaith Hill in You Can't Lose Me

A Mother and daughter’s emotional Good-Bye

Google: mother and daughter songs, and top in your search results should be Carrie Underwood, Don’t Forget To remember me . The lyrics of this song are an emotional short story experience. A beautiful story full of nostalgia that reveals the intensity of the different often contrasting emotions and thoughts at those moments when mother and daughter have to say goodbye…

18 years have come and gone…for momma they flew by…but for me they drug on and on…we were loading up that Chevy…both tryin’ not to cry…momma kept on talking…putting off good-bye…then she took my hand and said…’Baby don’t forget…Before you hit the highway…you better stop for gas…There’s a 50 in the ashtray…In case you run short on cash…Here’s a map and here’s a Bible…If you ever lose your way…Just one more thing before you leave…Don’t forget to remember me Carrie Underwood in “Don't forget to remember me “

Ultimate mothers and daughter songs: Blessings

All Dolly Parton fans please join me in introducing this country music classic and a favorite mother and daughter song pick for the customary mother-daughter dance in weddings: “Coat of Many Colors”.  Delivered as a sweet childhood memory, like any classic, listening to this Dolly Parton hit ought evoke similar memories in the listener’s life

Back to the seasons of my youth…I recall a box of rags that someone gave us…And how my momma put the rags to use…There were rags of many colors…Every piece was small…And I didn’t have a coat…And it was way down in the fall…Momma sewed the rags together…Sewin every piece with love…She made my coat of many colors…That I was so proud of…As she sewed, she told a story…From the bible, she had read…About a coat of many colors…Joseph wore and then she said…Perhaps this coat will bring you…Good luck and happinessDolly Parton in Coat of Many Colors

Mothers and Daughters Song: The Blessing Of Motherhood

Martina McBride, In My daughter’s Eyes, is another automatic pick for many. The persona is a mother revealing the joy and  enrichment that her daughter has brought into her life, yet in a twist of beautiful irony…

In my daughter’s eyes, I am a hero…I am strong an’ wise…And I know no fear…But the truth is plain to see…She was sent to rescue me…I see who I wanna be, in my daughter’s eyes Martina McBride - In my daughter's eyes

The very best of mothers and daughters songs: The Bad! Bad girl! version

Who better than the Spice Girls to do this one? This Spice Girls hit Mama is a full-circle sneak at thoughts that every girl may have had held of  her mother at some stage in life……

She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free…Catching me in places that I knew I shouldn’t be…Every other day I crossed the line I didn’t mean to be so bad…I never thought you would become the friend I never had…Back then I didn’t know why…Why you were misunderstood…So now I see through your eyes…All that you did was love…Mama I love you. Mama I care…Mama I love you. Mama my friend”Spice Girls in Mama

Mothers and Daughters Song: Appreciation

This particular pick come as a surprise to me, though its popularity as a mother and daughter song is undeniable. In this piece I turn to you by Christina Aguilera , the persona (daughter) appreciates the unconditional love from her mother. If children have a duty to their parents,  Christina perfectly captures it in the words of this song…

For that one who I can run to…For a shield from the storm…For a friend, for a love…to keep me safe and warm…I turn to you…For the strength to be strong…For the will to carry on…For everything you do…for everything that’s true…I turn to you…For a shield from the storm…For a friend, for a love…to keep me safe and warm…I turn to you….For the strength to be strong…For the will to carry on…For everything you do…for everything that’s true…I turn to you…I turn to you… Christina Aguilera in I turn to you

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